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  1. Confirmed that sometimes adventures dissappear and assigned hireling returns without me doing anything. I just notice this when I get some other message from strongold and I see that there is no adventure anymore and nothing in the log too.
  2. Maybe this is the case. But at least until I reload save or something else that triggers this bug happens, I see the RECALL button and sent hireling name above it. When the bug happens I see ASSIGN button but no name above it.
  3. It happens like that: new adventure appears - I assign a hireling (I only assigned them) - some time after (but definitely before adventure ends and after loading a save game made after I assign someone to adventure) I look at Actions tab and see that adventure with "assign" button again - I press it and adventure just disappears and hireling is free. No rewards, no reports in log.
  4. Yep, I used command only for Dozens and dialog popped up from Lady Webb.
  5. Thank you! Do you have proper commands to restore previous values after I get invitaion?
  6. I'm hero for knights, friend for Dozens and scroundel for Doemenel. And I don't have a single option to go to hearing from anyone. Patch didn't change a thing. 3 days of waiting for nothing. Thank you for screwing up my game, Obsidian.
  7. Sorry, but it still seems like bull****. Those differences I mean. Because in actual ingame fights there are just too many factors that negate those pitifull speed bonuses you get. It could mean smth at least if there were any common sense in default weapons speeds. Just for example, like you could shoot at least 2 arrows from average bow while you can shoot only one bolt form average crossbow during given time. Cause bows and crossbows have obvious speed diffences. Like dagger and great sword. Etc.But what we have ingame makes no real differences whatsoever. Interruptions alone totally negate
  8. Summing all this up: there is no point building a fast character, cause he still will remain a slowpoke... Great game!
  9. I've been testing various builds and I can't really see any difference between attack speed with fast-slow weapons. What's more, getting as much as 20 dexterity makes absolutely no difference too. That +30% attack speed in character stats is just text - all characters are still epic slowpokes. Well. maybe some are slow and others are even slower... Is this really how is supposed to be? Ofcourse this is not a D&D on infinity Engine, but still this fells very-very strange. When a wizard with average dexterity attacks with the same speed as rogue with 20+ dexterity it seems like there is no p
  10. I opened the door to the next level. but I can't open the wall near the ghost who gives you password. Any idea what to do?
  11. I hope that fix will include an option for those who already stuck - like going with Lady Webb as a last resort she was talking about...
  12. There should have been an obvious way out of this: Lady Webb directly asks for invitation and you go with her. No idea how they managed to miss that. Now just need to wait for a fix...
  13. Hello. Wiki says there is a way to save that elven girl in this quest - by erasing her memory somwhow. Does anyone know how to do that?
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