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  1. Hi, I just noticed that I'm getting more XP than it's stated in the log. For example: I just picked a lock and the game says I've earned 60 XP, but instead I got 72 XP. (18 XP to each of my four party members) Okay, I know that you're getting 10% more for every free slot. So 60 * 1.2 = 72, correct. BUT isn't it supposed to show the actual amount of XP I got within the log? I thought if the game tells me I got 60 XP, then I got 60 XP. (because it told me so) Is it a bug or is it desired to show the amount of XP I would get with 6 party members even if I get a different amount XP indeed?
  2. Okay, thank you all. Just thought a rounding error would be strange and thats why there must be something other behind this offset. But yes, I mean on Durance the rounding error is clearly obviously: 65.4 -> 66. Of course I don't have a problem with this, but just wondered why.
  3. Simple question: How exactly do the health points get calculated? Take my Eder (level 3) as example: Endurance: (42 + 14 * 2) * 1.18 = 82.6 (gets rounded to 83 in game - everything fine) So health should be like: 82.6 * 5 * 1.18 = 487.34 ~= 487 (but in game it's only 414) How does it come his health is lower than manually calculated? Constitution states to give +18% to endurance AND health. Is this a mistake and the bonus effects only endurace which will (of course) have also an effect on health? (If this is the case, I find the description a bit confusing.) But even if there is no +18% bonus on health, it should be: 82.6 * 5 = 413 or with rounded values 83 * 5 = 415. So, where does 414 health come from? -- edit: Okay, maybe the constitution bonuses are added after the endurance -> health calculation is made!? BUT even then is would be not differ from the 82.6 * 5 calculation and his health should be 413. I know, this would mean that there is only an one point difference. But why? And is this last assumption about calculation right? -- edit2: Similiar problem with Durance! (Aloth and my PC are fine.) For Durance there is also a false calculation on endurance: Durance's (lvl 3) endurance should be: (36 + 12 * 2) * 1.09 = 65.4 ~= 65 (but it's 66!) Then again for health: (taking that the calculation is made from the base value without +9% on endurance) (36 + 12 * 2) * 3 * 1.09 = 196.2 ~= 196 (but it's 197!)
  4. You are aware the patch introduced all kinds of new bugs, right ? Look at the threads of steam users unable to loot chests etc. Thought these bugs where already removed by the hotfix.
  5. It would be really nice if someone would take the effort to make a new thread related to clicks/actions/behavior you should try to avoid because of bugs in the new version. (1.03) free blowjobs for the one who does
  6. is there anywhere a step-by-step tutorial for the better antialiasing for computer-noobs? thanks
  7. its just not true that anyone could bypass the bugs. thought kickstarter games should have enough time to relase something proper
  8. My guess is that your save games were synced with Steam Cloud. yap. only savegames syncing, not patch.
  9. i registred my forum account to ask the same question. no hotfix till now? no answer here from developers? i have to say that the initial post nails it down and says everything. feels absolutely straight out of my mind.
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