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How old is everyone?


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  1. 1. How old are you?

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Oh yeah, Temple of Apshai! I never finished it. :Cant's rueful smile icon: However, I did finish the original Adventure game if I'm not mistaken. I thought it was comedy that I could play the entire game of ZORK I on the computer in Call of Duty. fun times.

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Morrowind. KotOR or Fable for second probably.


I played Fallout 3 and dabbled in Fallout 1 and 2 before I got busy with college. I've heard a lot of great stuff about BG from an older friend of mine so I decided to fund it. Look s pretty damn good since I'm always interested in the story

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25. First contact with the RPG genre was about 20 minutes of walking around in Candlekeep at a friend's house (I think I made a ranger). The first RPG I played seriously though was Darkstone and then Diablo 2. Having this memory of a fascinating lore-rich, complex RPG in my mind I eventually returned to Baldur's Gate, then 2 (which became my favorite game ever), then Icewind Dale 1 and 2. More recently I played NWN2:MotB. Sadly I haven't paid enough attention to PS:T yet.

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The first RPG I think I ever played was a port of Rogue on a Commodore-64, but what really got me hooked on the genre was Ultima 4 and 5.


I have a hard time naming a favorite, may games have appeal for various reasons. NWN was probably the one I put the most time into, due to the fantastic modding community and expansions.


Yeah, I'm old, now get off my lawn!

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Over 2/3 rds are over 25 which makes sense. Haven't done a bean count but it looks as if there are a lot in their 30s which also seems reasonable to me. Would have been interesting to see how many are over 50 at least.

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I am 32

My first RPG was Final Fantasy on the NES

My first cRPG was Rouge on the Atari ST

My first PC cRPG was Fallout (I still own the box ^^)

My favorite RPG of all time is definitely the Baldur's Gate series. BG/BG2/ToB.

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Off the scale.

Lords of Midnight


Now that was a good game!


38 (I think; I'm beginning to lose count). I think Icewind Dale was the first IE game I played but it rapidly spurred me to play the others, and PS:T was the one that sticks in my mind the most.

Still playing through Planescape Torment...

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I can't really name a favourite game, but when asked about it, the first thing that comes to mind is Baldur's Gate 2, followed quickly by Deus Ex. So for the purposes of this questionnaire, I'm sure that'll also do as the answer: Baldur's Gate 2, followed quickly by Deus Ex. :p


To not go fully into the grognard territory, where I don't belong, I'm also going to pick out ME2 and DXHR as standouts from the last couple of years, possibly as top5, definitely top10 games.

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31 coming up to 32. When did I get old enough to fall into the oldest age bracket in online forum polls...? :(


Typing this on my phone, so won't go into detail on my RPG preferences yet.

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I am 20, and my favorite RPG is the Baldur's Gate series (or more specifically, Baldur's Gate 2). It really changed my perspective not only on RPGs but on videogames in general. But I would have to add Morrowind as a very close second.


I have also never played Planescape: Torment, so maybe I should get on that.

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Best RPG? Too tricky.


Planescape: Torment - Favorite Storyline, a bit lacklustre combat wise

Baldur's Gate 2 - Favorite RPG combat (at least when appropriately modded), storyline that too often felt like an afterthought next to killing things

Fallout - Favorite atmosphere, first game too short, second game had too many atmosphere-killing breaks in the fourth wall for the sake of now badly dated jokes


And so on.


But since I value a good story above all, something so rarely seen, I guess PS:T wins.

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42, PS:T. I can't believe the number of geezers here. I was expecting nearly everyone to be in their teens, but almost no one is or at least they are not admitting it. First cRPG love and first cRPG purchase: Ultima Underworld. First PnP module: (B2) Keep on the Borderlands. First adventure game: Zork. First computer game: Star Trek (SPACEWR) on a DEC PDP-11. First favorite games: Castle Wolfenstein, Archon, and Crush, Crumble, and Chomp. First computer: Atari 400 with 48kB RAM and a disk drive (I was too poor for an Apple II or TRS-80). Any geezers here from the Compuserve GAMER cRPG forum? It would be interesting if Mara or Isabelle L'Elf showed up here.

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My favorite RPG is actually a Japanese one, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (3 FES is very close) and I also love the old SNES RPGs like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6.

Concerning Western RPGs, it's probably Knights of the Old Republic or Gothic 2. Planescape: Torment was also great, but I admit I never really liked or got into Baldur's Gate.

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I am only 768. I think. By drinking the blood of CRPG romance fans and trapping their souls in my phylactery, I extend my lifespan infinitely.

Could you write a wiki about that? Think I might want to get in on that action. :)

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