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  1. If I have the choice, I would prefer getting my stuff ASAP and the discs later. BUT... it would be ok for me too if (to save money) I would get all my stuff in one package at a later date. I want you to have minimum work with my physical rewards so that most of your time and money goes into development or the game.
  2. so apparently i wasn't the only one genuinly confused with this campaign and what they were planning to do. good decision to close it now instead of waiting 16 days being short 600k dollars... hopefully in their next attempt they'll make it clearer what exactly they want to do. I agree with Hiro, it was kind of doomed from the beginning IMHO.
  3. BATTLEFIELD 3 (also getting some work done and I think I still have a grilfriend around here somewhere, at least i hope so)
  4. Brothers and sister, dlux shall not be excluded unless he specifically wishes it. And many of us have already offered to chip in his 8 gold. It has already been discussed in the previous gatherings (part 4 methinks) of the Order.
  5. I'll try to take over, but I need some time. I'm at page 5. Thanks Farudan! Oh and I would chip in for dlux's membership fee as well
  6. woah, relax guys, no need for name-calling. like spoonguy said: "There are a lot of assumptions in Dlux's post which which is fine when its your money you're spending, if I had a bad feeling I'd quit." I just hope dlux casts away his doubt and rejoins us - the game is in a rather early stage of its development after all
  7. it is... "CorruptBiggins, Courier of the Obsidian Order" you may want to check the first page in this thread, all members are listed there
  8. I am confused (again) too. In the most recent update there is this future style artwork and something about the year 2526 and big corporations and stuff...huh? So is it set in a SciFi universe?? on the frontpage it looks like dungeons and dragonos style?!
  9. It's like the later Wizardry games. (Wizardry 8 is prominently featured on the Kickstarter page) Sadly, I don't think they are digitally available. huh, ok I understood that differently then. I thought the wizardry references were to the extent that the developers had experience in / worked on those games (and commander keen, doom Ultima etc.) and not that they want to do the new game in that style. I just checked out wizardry 8 on mobygames so now i have a pretty good idea about what the new game is supposed to be, so thanks!
  10. so guys i read the mountain of text on their kickstarter homepage and so far I have no clue as to what this game is gonna be. so it's an old school first person RPG - what does that mean? like lands of lore? or Might & Magic?? and combat will be turn based. so does this mean it will look like Skyrim - but with a party and without the ability to play it in third-person view? but the fighting will be turn based like in the old Might & Magic games? I'm a bit confused what exactly i am supposed to back here and I won't put my money into something where i have no idea what it really
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