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  1. Loved Tim's talk about combat - now I'm even more excited about the game! I had a bit of a chill when he mentioned that cooldowns would be used, but the explanation makes sense so I will bite my tongue. Nice to know I'm also getting a hard back version of the book. I can't believe I'm considering about upping my pledge after that video - I'm getting short of breath when I think about how much I'm spending on a game!
  2. The second one, Dirge, is brilliant. Makes me want to play the game!
  3. Not and none, and can I request that any further threads with 'romance' in the title are autolocked and the poster hung upside down and forced to play Bioware games until Project Eternity is released. I'd just like to qualify that by saying I have nothing against Bioware games, but it might keep people satisfied in the sex simulator department.
  4. Now that was a good game! 38 (I think; I'm beginning to lose count). I think Icewind Dale was the first IE game I played but it rapidly spurred me to play the others, and PS:T was the one that sticks in my mind the most.
  5. releasing exclusively for one os is just as bad as releasing exclusively for the other Well, the difference is that linux is free and therefore there's no financial barrier to using it. The barriers are it's perceived difficulty, the lack of games, and the effort involved. The former is no longer true, unless you want it to be (Hooray for Arch Linux!), and the second is a vicious circle. Since I install linux on everything I can find for the fun of it, I'm not one to comment on the final statement! Currently playing Planescape Torment on linux
  6. Please be a toolkit. Please be a toolkit. Please be a toolkit. ...altho, I'd be happy with that being one of the new stretch goals, too. More incentive for some still on the fence to nudge that final finance number higher. Oh yes - but I hope they don't splurge all the interesting goals at too low a total and have nothing left as incentive when it comes to the final stretch. If a modding tools is a stretch goal I hope they save it for the $3 million mark. I remember with Wasteland 2 the modding was what kept things tense right to the bitter end (and helped to empty my wallet!).
  7. I had a moment of horror when I thought it might be about making the game fully voiced, but I'm sure the funding is still too low for that, and Chris Avellone has spoken in a recent interview about non-voiced giving much more flexibility for conversation so I'm sure he won't change that. George Ziets perhaps?
  8. No archetypes please - I'd like every companion to be crafted with care and originality.
  9. I might have missed this, but I notice the new digital tiers get a strategy guide. Is this included with the deluxe box? I still need my cloth map and signed box, but if it isn't included I might have to persuade my other half to up her pledge from $20 (even if it means I have to pay for it!). She likes first person rpgs like Skyrim...
  10. No cooldowns please - it always seems like an artificial restriction based on... what? Broken game mechanics? I like the exhaustion idea - you have to pace yourself during a battle, maybe if you risk casting while exhausted there's a chance it could go wrong or off target, or just do nothing. Interesting poll - much more so than how many different genders/species I'm allowed to have sex with!
  11. Definitely like to see narration along with the dialogue - it adds a lot of depth and atmosphere. Regarding skill checks - I'd like to see all the options and have a skill check when you select it. I definitely like the sense of taking a risk if you threaten or try to bribe someone for example, rather than the dull certainly that you'll succeed.
  12. I see lots of comments on Mask of the Betrayer. I played it for a short time and rather lost interest and moved on to something else. Is it really worth pursuing with? I'm in the middle of Planescape Torment at the moment and have already created a party for another run through Icewind Dale. Not many new games that catch my eye, at least until Wasteland 2 and Dead State are released.
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