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  1. It is possible to read the description flavour text if an item is within a certain range. Regardless of whether the character is in the same room as the object. 1. Enter Dyrford Ruins 2. Click magnifying glass from location pictured below 3. Character paths to area close to magnifying glass but not in room. 4. Flavour Text Displays [Expected behaviour] Area Flavour text should only be visible if within the same room as location being viewed / within the visual range of character The only place that I have noticed that this is in the Dyrford Ruins (picture attached). This is a result of clicking on the magnifying glass and allowing the character to path to the nearest location wherein they stop and the description is displayed. Possibly would not occur if room doors were opened and character could path more correctly to it.
  2. Grappling Hook Non-Detection [Description of the issue] Grappling Hook not being detected by cutscene 1. Load up the attached savegame 2. Open Inventory, note presence of Grappling Hook 3. Open chasm cutscene 4. No prompt available for using grappling hook [Expected behaviour] Presence of Grappling hook should allow completion of cutscene Lockpicking Not Working [Description of the issue] Lockpicking not functioning in Dyrford Ruins - No feedback - success or failure 1. Load up the attached savegame 2. Attempt to unlock door just to the north west using BB Rogue 3. Fail to do so [Expected behaviour] Lockpicking should work on these doors, or some feedback that it is impossible [Other remarks / Comments] I got to this state on my first playthrough of the beta, I autoloaded after a combat wipe and resumed a save more than once. This may be related to savegame corruption? Still, thought I would upload this file just in case Dyrford Savegame.zip
  3. The screenshot on Thursday has me all a quiver. Nice to see you're getting George Ziets back to help with the project, the creative team seems pretty exhaustively awesome at this stage.
  4. Whatever the writers feel is appropriate. I am personally hoping for the descriptive planescape style, I feel like it opens up new avenues of storytelling.
  5. Good to see a majority of responders are in the sensible camp rather than frothing at the mouth. Giving an expansion to higher tiers is a way to encourage people to up their pledges which then go to the base game, making a better game for everyone. Those who have already forked out an exorbitant amount to back the project get a little "Thankyou" in the form of not having to pay for the expansion. Those who can't afford to pay for those higher tiers will be able to purchase the expansion at a much more reasonable price when it is released.The assertion that they have "go too far" in doing this is hyperbolic stupidity.
  6. Looking good guys! Probably wise to defer some content to an expansion pack if you want to make the deadline that you have set for yourself. Can'y wait for the all day stream from Obsidian HQ.
  7. Great update. Really liking the look of the ongoing stretch goals, and really looking forward to the breadth of classes on offer. Keep up the good work!
  8. T'would be a pity but honestly it might be sequel territory. Supporting a toolset is a whole extra program they would have to create and support, troubleshoot and so on. If they only have it for themselves then their versions need only be as functional as required and can be as complex/abstract as they desire. Whilst I would love mod tools I can understand the rationale in not releasing them at least with this title.
  9. Finding out Morte's proper backstory in Planescape. Devastating stuff
  10. I think their stretch goals are fairly modest and achievable (They've designed them that way). I have no doubt that they will do fine in weaving everything together. If they were offering MASSIVE additions then I would be. But at present everything seems to be within reason for each of the extended budget goals.
  11. Greetings, I have upped my pledge the requisite amount. I would like the moniker "Time Lord of the Obsidian Order" if its not already taken. Cheers!
  12. You guys are probably the best judges here of how much work that can be done. I guess you shouldn't over promise what can be delivered in the estimated time frame. At a certain point it seems you would have to stop introducing new content for the base game and start thinking about extra money above the quota going to an expansion pack which would have a later release date and allow for seperate content without necessarily needing to cram it all in under the (April 2014?) deadline. So my suggestion for stretch goals would be to add an expansion pack and for those who have pledged a certain amount to have it included along with the base game. Otherwise: a toolset would make a fantastic stretch goal.
  13. Hey guys, really digging the tunes. They had a certain quality to them, particularly the last two, which put me in mind of the old IE soundtracks. Maybe its just wishful thinking but If the quality of the music keeps to this calibre then I will be a happy chappy.
  14. We need a set of fine crockery for tea parties. Some companions will be offended if they don't get invited or if you don't have soy options for the milk.
  15. Maybe something to do with the type of soul state your PC has. Though I think its been stated that you are a strong soul.
  16. I guess the question of this is whether it is viable story wise. If you have a timer on the main plot then I think you should implement an open ending where you can go back and explore things you might have had to rush through. Whereas if the end of the game changes the world or the at least the situation of the game to a significant degree then I think implementing a world which lets you run around it post-saving would be resource heavy and probably not that useful.
  17. Nothing wrong with requesting an easy mode. As a 'hardcore' player I can respect that some people get all of/a majority of their enjoyment from the story in an RPG. This is a valid thing to do. I'm fairly sure the game will be about as easy on easy as BG/PST were on easy. I don't think there is much incentive for the devs to go easier than that, and make a 'cinematic' mode, seeing as they are being kickstarted by a large amount of people who played and enjoyed the earlier IE games.Though it wouldn't be a problem if they did.
  18. Great update guys.I loved Iron man Mode in TOEE and really enjoyed the Hardcore Difficulty of New Vegas. Can't say I'll be playing and Iron Man Heart of Fury combo though. I enjoy my sanity too much for that. Just a request. If we have an Iron Man mode can we have a way to flee from Combat? In TOEE I remember being unable to flee from a situation which was going badly. I think it would be better to be able to live to fight another day.
  19. I really enjoyed the FO:NV novel which Chris penned so I look forward to the Novella. Also: Translations is good, everyone should have an opportunity to experience Project Eternity good to see it as a stretch goal. Eager to see what the stretch goals to 3.0 million are. Surely it can't be MORE regions and NPCs. (Not that I'd object)
  20. Yeah, making things less obvious and more arcane makes characters seem more realistic. Rather than meters that gauge their affection why not have them simply be nicer or smile or hug! If they hate you hten they can do similarly.
  21. Yeah, always a good style of quest. Helps break from the tedium of just running from A to B.
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