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Found 5 results

  1. Sth that you discover and it isnt mentioned/covered by official Game Guide. My example: -npc Curnd that appear only at night and after you give him password he will sell rare stones for crafting , I wont write where he is to not destroy discovery for anyone
  2. Nope, this isn't a thread demanding answers about how awesome crafting and enchanting will be, or how will souls augment an epic weapon, but rather I wanted to talk about how much information should we the player get about magic items as we play through it? One of the weaknesses of RPGs with lots of explicit mechanics and lots and lots of explicit detail is that sometimes all of that lore and all of those numbers go so deep and is so precise that it removes any sense of discovery or mystery. It's like when you played in a PnP game as a teenager and finally got your hands on the Dungeon Master's guide and poured over the magic items list, or picked up the Forgotten Realms source book, just because it was so much fun to read ... and then you knew without a doubt that weapons did X amount of damage, and had Y powers and if you found one, you'd give it to your ranger who specialized in whatever that weapon was best at fighting and from then on, a magic item was just a collection of numbers, statistics and dice adjustment. Personally I think it would be refreshing if magic items, even after identification, just had textual descriptions of their history and possibly rumored powers but only through trial and error or long use do full extent of powers get revealed. I played in a long running PnP game where the DM used this mechanic to great affect, It was admittedly a low magic world, where everything could be kept from the player and managed behind the screen, but it really did enhance the game play and sense of wonder that we had. Could this work or is it just too extreme and would it just drive people bonkers?
  3. No, I'm not talking about Sherlock Holmes and the butler did it. Mysterious signs, items, hints in conversations; all things I've been missing for a long time now. You find an unusual item, perhaps even in random loot, that has a purpose somewhere. No quest dialogue pops up or automatic quest markers to show you where you need to take it. You adventure across a strange carving in a tree that points to a hidden cavern somewhere without saying exactly where. A "rumor" you picked up at the local tavern leads to some ancient Pandora's Box somewhere on the other side of the world. But again, the most important thing is that your hand isn't held all the way through it. These days you run across something like this and a quest dialogue usually pops up with arrows showing you where to take it on your minimap; way to make me feel intelligent for figuring it out, or accomplished for doing so. Am I the only one who misses these little diversions? Even though then can sometimes drive you mad, especially when the developer puts one in that looks like a mystery but actually is useless junk.
  4. One of my pet peeves about levelling up and character development is how the skill trees or magic spells are all laid out neat and tidy up-front. I can understand that for certain established classes, that almost all skills or techniques may be well known, so it can be laid in advance. However, for less known classes such as ciphers or wizards, is it really necessary to lay out all available magic spells or skills is such a perfunctory manner. Wouldn't it be better: (a) to allow the PC to have knowledge of spells and skill trees up to a basic level (say levels 1-3); (b) the higher level techniques or spells can only be discovered when; (i) accessing higher level trainers or through exploration of lores; or (ii) promotion to higher ranks in their respective guilds; or (iii) stealing techniques by observing higher level NPCs during battles etc. © allow access to some unique skills or magic spells in difficult and rewarding side quests such as meeting powerful NPCs in the proposed mega-dungeon. *** I know some might complain that they would like to know everything up-front so they can plan their build accordingly. Or that it will force players to rely on the strategy guide. If that's the case, how about a compromise. Just have some organic skills/magic spells that will be not revealed unless you have performed the relevant side quest and are rewarded for it. It just makes levelling up more rewarding as well as allowing for some unique builds. I just don't get the situation where, ok I level up and suddenly I have divine inspiration and universal knowledge as to the techniques/magic spells in this world.
  5. If I remember correctly, BG2 has a small quest requiring investigation on some murder cases. In order to have more interesting quests, could we have something like this. There could be a series of preliminary small quests given by a guild or gathering of detectives. Undertaking these quests could improve one's awareness and detective skills. After undertaking a series of smaller quests, the PC could stumble onto the main quest. This could be an overarching plot, such a a secret clut ala Cthulhu that is trying to revive their Dead God by performing a series of macabre rituals through certain locations empowered by lay-lines (i.e. magically empowered locations). The local authorities in each of these regions are stumped as they are working individually. Throughout his adventures, the PC will stumble onto the aftermath of these bizzare rituals. If he is intelligent enough or has a companion who is, he will detect similarities between each of these rituals. E.g. the murder victims were killed the same type of weapon, death occured during full moon etc. This may set him off to investigate the individuals in town and uncover the conspiracy taking place amongst the cultist. The finale may involve the PC either: 1. Exposing and eliminating the cult 2. Threatening the cult and obtain bribes to keep his mouth shut. 3. Joining the cult and fusing his soul with the Elder God for awesome powers in the current gameplay, at the cost of permanently damning his soul...
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