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Found 2 results

  1. Crimes in fantasy games have always interested me. Due to the wonders and mechanics of the world some crimes cant really have as much impact as the real world. For example how do you arrest someone for murder in D&D when a cleric has cast raise dead on the victim? Now in project eternity it is generally accepted that souls exist and that reincarnation is possible. So if death isn't a permanent thing spiritually speaking is murder less of a crime? Is there a greater crime than murder? Perhaps the fracturing or the corruption of a soul. Would some religions perhaps have no moral quandary with killing as long as it doesn't affect the soul? Could a religion even condone murder on individuals with certain types of souls? Racially motivated crimes get raised to a whole new level when your looking at different species. Do groups of thugs go hunting half elves as some affront to perceived blood purity? Could there be species segregation in some areas, parts of whole cities cut off from dwarves because the ruling lords don't view them as sentient. These are ideas that fascinate me. Can you think of some crimes that would be unique in this fantasy setting or just seen as completely different from the real world?
  2. If I remember correctly, BG2 has a small quest requiring investigation on some murder cases. In order to have more interesting quests, could we have something like this. There could be a series of preliminary small quests given by a guild or gathering of detectives. Undertaking these quests could improve one's awareness and detective skills. After undertaking a series of smaller quests, the PC could stumble onto the main quest. This could be an overarching plot, such a a secret clut ala Cthulhu that is trying to revive their Dead God by performing a series of macabre rituals through certain locations empowered by lay-lines (i.e. magically empowered locations). The local authorities in each of these regions are stumped as they are working individually. Throughout his adventures, the PC will stumble onto the aftermath of these bizzare rituals. If he is intelligent enough or has a companion who is, he will detect similarities between each of these rituals. E.g. the murder victims were killed the same type of weapon, death occured during full moon etc. This may set him off to investigate the individuals in town and uncover the conspiracy taking place amongst the cultist. The finale may involve the PC either: 1. Exposing and eliminating the cult 2. Threatening the cult and obtain bribes to keep his mouth shut. 3. Joining the cult and fusing his soul with the Elder God for awesome powers in the current gameplay, at the cost of permanently damning his soul...
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