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  1. So, now that the fund raising on Kickstarter has passed $2 Million, I thought ti would be fun to talk about player housing. Rather than just say what I want and be all narcissistic, I wanted to throw up this thread so that EVERYONE can pile up their hopes for what player housing will be like in-game. How much customization, if any, do you want in the house? Do you want your companions to never go to your house, visit you sometimes, or always stay there? Perhaps some combination that takes into account some companions possibly being adverse to living with you? Maybe they are too big
  2. Voice acting is great, but also expensive. Because this game doesn't have an $80 Million dollar budget, I have to say "no" to full voice acting. It would be nice to have it in important moments, however.
  3. I'd say yes to all of these, but the questions are stacked against saying "no." Obviously this is an RPG, not a dating sim, so "yes" is a better answer in general to these questions. But its still an RPG. If you can't have romance in the game, it takes awayu one of those "mature themes" that is talked about in the kickstarter video. Before you looked to get rid of romance in Project: Eternity, there are certainly other things from other RPGs taht we may see, but are higher up on the list to remove if they drain too much resources from otehr aspects of design. Do you NEED special models
  4. So far $1.6 Million has been raised by us backers for Project Eternity. Welcome to the game, Mac Users! :D
  5. This will probably happen if there isn't full voice acting, so the text based conversations will likely feature your character's name. But if its fully voice acted, it would be hard to get all the names your character could have included...
  6. Lets see if I can explain... Saying that you automatically assume that a transexual person is bad, or that a lesbian or gay man are behaving badly, is an admission of pregidous. You are applying a negative, pre-conception onto these people without ever having met them, and its toxic and unwelcoming. People who aren't heterosexual don't want to force you to be gay, or bi, or to have a sex change, or to cross dress. They simply want to be allowed to live in a happy, peaceful, free life. You are trying to deny them that. Sorry if you feel otherwise, but in this case Nigro, YOU are the opp
  7. It looks prefectly fine for someone who plans on never getting hit... or hopes to never get hit... and wants to "flaunt it" in the middle of a life or death situation for some strange reason. Nothing wrong with a character who summons monster to fight for her using this, as long as she has the ability to somehow evade people who attack her instead of the things she conjures... I guess. But if I see a woman (or a man ) wearing something like that while wading into the thick of battle with a claymore, I'm going to be... disappointed.
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