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So, now that the fund raising on Kickstarter has passed $2 Million, I thought ti would be fun to talk about player housing.


Rather than just say what I want and be all narcissistic, I wanted to throw up this thread so that EVERYONE can pile up their hopes for what player housing will be like in-game.


How much customization, if any, do you want in the house?


Do you want your companions to never go to your house, visit you sometimes, or always stay there? Perhaps some combination that takes into account some companions possibly being adverse to living with you? Maybe they are too big to fit through the doorway? Or maybe it could be based on how they feel about you? Those you like/love you come around more often than others, perhaps?


Would you like to be able to tie the house, somewhat into the storyline? Say, for instance, like in Fable, how you got trophies for killing bosses, and could put them in your home as decorations?


Would you like to see the player housing ressemble Crossroad Keep from Obsidian's Neverwinter Nights 2? A massive fortress with guards, whom you can upgrade with better equipment? Special buildings that you must select, and as a result, not be able to makes others? An example being the choice of the Paladins' Temple or the Monks' Monestary from Crossroad Keep.


Or would you rather just a small, more personal home, like in Dragon Age 2?


Obviously, you don't have to answer any of my questions. Post whatever you think of and/or want to see (and don't want to see) in the player housing.


Come on everyone. Empty your thoughts on player housing in here! Discussions like these are always so fun! =D

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We need a set of fine crockery for tea parties. Some companions will be offended if they don't get invited or if you don't have soy options for the milk.

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