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  1. Said the man walking into the Thai massage parlour. I'll get me coat.
  2. Me too. The gold one looks nice and actually stands out more without the K.
  3. A commoner? Here? In this thread for precious few? Guards, guards; to arms! To the gallows with this riffraff!
  4. It has already been confirmed that you can create custom character portraits like you could in BG, IWD and NWN1&2 and that is a fantastic feature because it can make your character and even your party all the more personal to you. Perhaps something along those lines could work for flags/banners/capes as well? That it could go through the same pipeline I mean.
  5. Yes indeed. Hopefully it'll get sorted out soon and we can get creative!
  6. Wonderful update! The delightful sensation the trailer evokes of embarking on a brand new, grand-scale adventure, combined with the nostalgia that the look of the game conveys, has a powerful effect indeed. Pillars of Eternity wrought from the roots of RPG classics; we're going to be in for a treat, ladies and gentlemen!
  7. @Indira Sure will! That's not quite true actually. Like we said from the beginning: the game was essentially funded - up to a point. But we wanted it to be bigger; better; denser, hence going to Kickstarter and our initial 400.000 goal to make that happen. After that the sky was the limit and things we knew could never be done with our budget - i.e. the stretch goals - can now become a reality. So now Original Sin will be bigger, better, denser + player home + traits and talents + Kirill orchestra + companions + day/night, weather and magic-inluencing moons. I mean, what's not to like?
  8. Boy, this Kickstarter has been a wild ride! But it was great fun too! I still can't believe we ended up - all things considered - at 1.000.000! Bloody awesome that! So thanks again for all your generous support!! You guys rock! Now I can both work on a large scope Original Sin and look forward to Project Eternity. Good stuff!
  9. That, my dear friend, is my mission in life!
  10. Cool! My Professor Layton instincts should help me here. I should have a look and see what I can find!
  11. Thank you Indira, for your very kind compliments. I promise you I'll do my very best!
  12. Hello everyone! Just noticed this thread here on the Obsidian forums and I wanted to say THANK YOU for taking an interest in Divinity: Original Sin! I'm the writer over at Larian Studios and I first came here because of the Project Eternity Kickstarter campaign. I've always enjoyed Obsidian RPGs very much and I hope our team too will create a game to be remembered. So thanks very much for your support, you guys and gals are great! I've already seen some familiar names on the Larian forums. That's just awesome and you are all very welcome! Go weresheep!
  13. You say bi-ped rat and I think Lands of Lore That is more than enough to give the idea a resounding +1
  14. Is that a push-up bra I see before me, The its breast-filled goodness toward my hand? Come, let me clutch thee! I have thee not, and yet I see thee still. Art thou not, busty vision, sensible To feeling as to sight? or art thou but A bosom of the mind, a false creation, Proceeding from the lust-oppressed brain? Yeah, paraphrasing Shakespeare is fun! More on topic, I have yet to play Alpha Protocol. Monte’s screenshot goes a long way persuading me. Seriously though, despite the very conflicting things I’ve heard about the game I’ll give it a shot one day, knowing it’s an Obsidian one. Come Steam Christmas sales, I’ll be getting it.
  15. Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick, this thread is still going! It’s going to become self aware pretty soon now, you know. Over-sexualised Skynet, now there’s a scary thought!
  16. Well before this thread closes, I’d just like to say that whereas I’m generally on the side of the knights in shining armour that want to counter the rather messed up prevailing depiction of women in video games, I read a lot of arguments that tilt completely the other way and that’s wrong too. Women are still women and can be perceived to be so in various contexts: they don’t all need to end up as spinster nuns just because they’re all promiscuous teen blondes flashing nipples all over the place in other games. Should female warriors all look like iron-clad bikini models? Gods no! Does that also mean there can’t be a busty barmaid behind the counter of your favourite watering hole? Gods no! Reason is your friend people. Never forget!
  17. Dhar-A’Win: god of atheists and contradictions in terms – worshipped by all who just don’t give a damn.
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