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  1. All hail Agiel, a Hero, a Legend. You have persuaded me to leave in a more flashing manner. There, considering how my "existence" here is obstructing the point of this forum, I will remove myself from it. Have a nice eternity.
  2. I would like more than anything for this to be the potential truth, but all so far indicates they don't die, just maimed and left at fixed value of 0HP until combat is over. Difficulty setting/toggle, or both, for the actual death option.
  3. I'm really more displeased here that "maimed being presented as an untouchable state" is not done as something similar to "maimed and slowly dying - needs to be stabilized". Look at Temple of Elemental evil and the combat in there. Elements of that game's combat system can be used as working examples, even if it's turn-based, there's existing ideas that are good, and can surely be implemented in some form to a RTwP game. There 's other ways to do this, I strongly think that there could be other solutions instead of those now planned. I would be perfectly fine with "revive his stamina" that is
  4. I am not trying to get worshipers of "how grand and awesome me and my thinking and gaming is", I am trying to explain how and why am I shocked, I'm always open for discussion of my view, but I will defend it, not brick-wall in front of it. I will always defend a view of mine, and if someone doesn't want to debate because they don't give a fuk what I think, then I can be at peace knowing that. So, are you interested in a debate on my views or not? If not,then why are we typing this to each other, you and me?
  5. It's a game with a save/load system. And if I am reloading whole day like an idiot on vanilla, then the reasons it is so are pretty much clear. It is either the fact that I suck very much, or the fact that game is so "good" that it isn't my fault at all. Now,in all my plays and replays of the oldies, and I am not counting the noob period here, I have moderately-to-almost-none reloaded my saves in them on vanilla, but more important to me seems the fact that almost every time I needed to reload I found it reasonable. My spellsets were inappropriate, my positioning flawed, weapons and gear
  6. Well, lets think again, if you just reload after a death, you have an easier game play than someone who plays on with a maimed character. You agree? So something isn't right if the first play style is called the hardcore one. So either the developers didn't think at all when they made that comment or they were assuming that when you play with death enabled you really want death and don't want to reload. I.e. someone who reloads should play with maimed instead so that he doesn't need the whimpy reload anymore and really hardcore players turn death on. In other words, when the developers
  7. For 99% it's the latter. Exactly my point, I question if people REALLY restart an game after spending 50 hours + playing just because they got killed. This would be the ultimate exercise in futility for me Of course that noone was doing that but a sadistic few, and I sure wasn't one of them. Is it late to mention again that we had various other ways to prevent permadeath in the games before this one, so you already had a set of chances in which you could prolong such a "nuisance" that dying surely is? There already was the "equivalent of three lives" all along,cmon. Cause
  8. Hey guys, stop playing games wrooooooooong! I've grown to like Lephys's "slap both b*tches" style more than anyone else's, sorreh.
  9. Disappointed with the re-edition of Helsing, thrilled with the one on Berserk. I still consider Berserk as the one with the ultimate story. If just manga was released in a pace that isn't "chapter -lightyear- chapter"... Shingeki no Kyojin? I'm finding manga more dramatic than anime. Never stopped watchin One piece and Naruto, and whenever I feel funny about the fact that I'm bloody 29 y.o. and watchin 'em - one episode later and I'm crying/laughing out loud, deeply drawn in that magic. Recently watched a strangely appealing anime called Baccano !. I recommend dis, it is short,
  10. "maiming is like a less permanent death for the non hardcore gamers" . Oh,wow. So the Day has finally come.. Look on their work ye mighty, and despair; the legendary Obsidian made player character death a hardcore thing. I just know I'm going to have nightmares about this one. Death of the PC is hardcore now. Death of the PC is.. hardcore.. Death.. of the PC.. is hardcore.. Death.. PC.. hardcore..
  11. First Scenario: PCs get maimed when they reach 0 HP and are out of the fight. If the whole group reaches 0 HP, the game ends -> Reload. Summarize: Fail. Answer: When only one PC is at 0 HP there is no "game over" message. If the reduced group still wins the fight, this one PC obviously has got wounds that put him out of the fight but didn't kill him. No need to reload. (Does this answer anything you tried to say?) Not really. Two things: if only one PC dies in the previous games (opposed to what's now a "reaches 0 hp") , you do not necessarily have a game over, and I didn'
  12. So, (and this is now considered final,right?) by default the maimed character is ignored, and AoE can suck it. I know he doesn't just get up without suffering penalties,and that regenerating stamina can get him up, no HP regen, and I just wanted to be clear on the fact that, while he's maimed, he is beyond interest of enemies plus cannot be further damaged than that. Thank you. Now I can finally say that I find this very bad as a design - regardless of the fact that I can switch it on/off or just go play in Expert,since I don't like it in "vanilla". If that is what the perpetually discuss
  13. Anyway, if someone, anyone, can answer me how hostile environment reacts to a maimed character, I might get a better picture on what's worrying me here. If I can hear more details on that situation, I could draw my conclusion whether it is a good design against the problem of so-called "save scumming", because right know I am not convinced that it is. Thanks in advance? EDIT: This. The "-Death vs. Maiming" under "Combat options:". I would give my all right now to see more details about this.
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