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  1. Let us also abolish "inflammable", which is not only confusing grammatically, but also potentially dangerous when such confusion arises.
  2. One of the early-streamer first-impression gaming-news sites (can't remember which, maybe RPS?) said the game is "surprisingly bug-free" or some such. On another note, I'm sure it would be nice for the folks as OBS if the day comes when reviewers don't refer to one of their games' lack of bugs as "surprising"
  3. Sweet, redeemed code. The only thing left to do is stare at my GOG collection page until it says the download is ready. I may need more refreshments for this.
  4. Sweet, I had almost forgotten about this, thanks for the sneak. The production looks really well done, can't wait to see the rest.
  5. Love seeing the animations, very cool stuff. Also, I'm a little jealous - every time I act out Xaurip attacks at work I have to sit through yet another "efficiency meeting" with the boss. The A.R.M. sure brought back some nostalgia - specifically the fun times I had trying to hunt down the missing copy protection decoder wheel for an hour before finding out that mom had thrown it away.
  6. Funny stuff, thank you. Also interesting stuff about undead, I can easily imagine some intriguing quests/plotlines/characters being driven by those undead mechanics.
  7. Great stuff, the areas especially look nice to me - very intricate and detailed. I'm not sure beast-men druids are for me, but that's just my personal preferences. Godlike looks interesting, I'd guess they generally bring out xenophobia in people and clash often with normal society?
  8. A couple tidbits (nothing really new, but related) here: http://www.rockpapershotgun.com/2013/12/11/obsidian-on-dungeoniest-dungeon-ever-eternitys-length/#more-179423 A snippet:
  9. Based on what I gleaned from this thread, it sounds as though Josh wants this to, and believes it can, happen - just needs the funding to make it so. However, I understand people's reservations, especially this late in the game. That said, I voted yes mostly out of self-interested greed and curiosity. I'm only human.
  10. The only real criticism I can come up with on the video, is that the character animations looked like there is something missing (especially lack of reactions to being hit). I see in an earlier post that these are alpha/placeholders, however. Love the music, sweet title concept, and the ending phrase is suitably mysterious. Great work on the backer website design - the art and style is wonderful IMO.
  11. Excellent stuff all around. Went through the Backer site and got everything in order in less than five minutes - I had forgotten what I had backed and it was nice to be reminded of all the loot I'll be getting. BTW, loved the music in the trailer, now off to read some of the press links.
  12. Sounds sweet, love it. It would be superb (but I concede rather a lofty goal) if the upgrades led to various "trees" of customization, each developing into a different theme of sorts. Evil overlord's castle, crusader's keep, sorcerer's stronghold, etc. But really, I just want my stronghold to look like the one in the picture, complete with lightning.
  13. I thought those were hats, perhaps ceremonial or part of a weird cultish/science ritual. Like these guys:
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