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  1. I agree with Panteleimon, the BG1/2 portraits are really corny and also the lighting is kinda weird. They look to me like the photos they made for the board game The last Night on Earth: The Zombie Game. http://boardgamegeek.com/image/222160/last-night-earth-zombie-game http://boardgamegeek.com/image/237959/last-night-earth-zombie-game I am glad we get some more serious portraits with PoE.
  2. On my profile page it says "Pillars of Eternity Kickstarter Badge", but I don't see it when posting here. I backed PoE during the Kickstarter phase via PayPal.
  3. I first need to check what classes aren't covered by your companions, then I will choose one of the remaining classes and pick a race that's good for this class.
  4. I completely disagree with the TC. Fun > realism, and actually it's not even very realistic to think that the companions you're not using do nothing during that time.
  5. Nope, it doesn't have to mean that. 15 rather small dungeon levels could be much less than 3 very large levels. So the actual size/length of the whole dungeon is not really dependant on the number of levels.
  6. Explain how the option to have a romance (or just a friendship) with a fellow NPC makes this game into a dating simulator and prevents it from having deep and thoughtful quests. I don't want a castle in this game, because I want a great game with a many deep and thoughtful quests and not a "The Sims" like game. I don't want weapons and armor in this game, because I want a great game with a many deep and thoughtful quests and not a dress-up game. I don't want too much text in this game, because I want a great game with a many deep and thoughtful quests and not a visual novel. I don't wan
  7. There is no doubt we'll hit that. Including PayPal we've already got $3.25 million. During the first four hours of monday the donation rate were $10000 per hour and we still have 38 hours left.
  8. Then you just need to go back to the questgiver and ask... right? I don't think adding a "just show me the damn location" button works, that's kinda what we don't want in... Going back would be stupid, too. Just give a detailed summary of what the quest giver said in the journal.
  9. Don't forget PayPal and that you can still donate to Obsidian after the Kickstarter campaign has ended.
  10. I hope those are the wrong examples. It should be english names were there is no relation to an english speaking culture. Sunset Sarsaparilla and the rest of the Fallout universe are in the US, the english names belong there. What I hope the OP is refering to is having a game translated into german but having to still enter the "Endless Paths" instead of the "Unendlichen Pfade" (oder so) makes no sense. At least that is how I want to understand the OP Yes, you're right. The OP's concern was about the pronunciation of non-English names in the game, he/she didn't want to translate any prop
  11. I just don't want it to be like Fallout New Vegas, where I hit the maximum level when I only completed like 50% of the game.
  12. it's almost certain that Cenega/1C are handling Polish and Russian translations. Oh man...now we're screwed. And we ourselves asked for it. I sincerely hope that at least the GOG version will be in English and untouched by Cenega/1C. What do you mean with "at least the GOG version"? In Steam you can easily change language settings.
  13. I must admit I don't really get the "Ciphers". How can a person be a cipher? I only know cipher as in "algorithm for encryption/decryption":
  14. No, it's not. There is not only one way to have level scaling in your game.
  15. That's how I understand it and I approve as well. Level scaling is good when done in a correct way.
  16. Maybe because of that it's only a small part of the stretch goal? The rest of the stretch goal is still much bigger than any other stretch goal we have seen so far.
  17. Do you hate them, when the original language is a language you don't understand?
  18. Big market for cRPGs -tiny market for potential backers. Well, the game is already funded anyway. It's not only about backers, but about future customers who will buy the game at release. I think the issue is that many Germans don't use/have credit cards. As soon as there is a Paypal option, more Germans (as myself) should pledge for the game. Haha, yes. I would hope for some Agatha Christie style murder. E.g. after you did a quest for some landlord he invites you to his mansion to celebrate. During the celebration someone is killed and because the landlord thinks you're the on
  19. I sure wish I had map notes in the Gothic series. So often I found e.g. a hidden cave guarded by a very strong monster I couldn't defeat and then forgot about it later in the game when I was strong enough to defeat the guardian. So yes, I would appreciate such an option.
  20. Actually I hope the final game will include some kind of murder mystery you have to solve.
  21. 28 My favorite RPG is actually a Japanese one, Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (3 FES is very close) and I also love the old SNES RPGs like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasy 6. Concerning Western RPGs, it's probably Knights of the Old Republic or Gothic 2. Planescape: Torment was also great, but I admit I never really liked or got into Baldur's Gate.
  22. I see you like the Witcher. I assume you played the game in Polish, right? And you hated the developers for "wasting money" on an English translation? More than you think. In addition, even if you do understand English, maybe it's still more comfortable for you to read large chunks of text in your native language. I just quote Macbeth:
  23. Do you also feel insulted when they translate Japanese games into English? Why should he be insulted? None of those are his native language. You didn't get my point. Many people understand English and so they don't "need" a different translation. Somehow this often means they hate translations (because so many things are lost in translation and stuff) and don't accept that there are people who don't speak English. On the other hand these people have no problem if e.g. a Japanese game gets translated, because they don't speak Japanese. So all these guys saying "Only the original ve
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