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  1. Invite please! http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198007815865
  2. My first computer? Commadore Vic-20. Used to play Rat Race and Cosmic Cruncher on it all the time. First PC? A 286 with SVGA gfx card and 2MB RAM. Pretty much used it just to play Prince of Persia and Castles.
  3. Thanks Burke. Looks like a few great places to start You're correct in the assumption I'd be compiling for windows. I'd also like to look into Linux and OS X at some point, but as I don't have access to an OS X machine, that's way down on the list. May even try compiling for the XBox 360 at one point too.
  4. All 100+ games I've got on steam REQUIRE the client to be loaded in order to play the game (and that includes old ones like UFO: Enemy Unknown and X-Com: Terror From The Deep). So I don't believe it is possible to have a game sold on Steam that doesn't require the client. Also, not running the client disables cloud saving and achievements (unless the achievements are actually IN the game, Dragon Age: Origins being one such example).
  5. It's good for me because I've just started writing up some plots for my weekly Pathfinder game. ATM I'm actually running a published adventure (not mine, Pazio's), and I've asked my players to supply character backgrounds. So... now I'm working on personal plots for them to try and encourage a little character growth... maybe challenge their viewpoints a bit. So yeah, that stuff is going to be amazing for me.
  6. Very nice list! I do actually want to work on an indie RPG game at some point, so I'll be bookmarking this post. If you have any links for programming tutorials (especially if they're game-orientated), those would be awesome to see! Haven't done any programming for 10 years... and even then it was a mixture of Delphi and Java. The mind-mapper software is going to be very useful in the immediate future though.
  7. I was reading the old thread that got closed due to too many posts, and someone mentioned romances for female characters in BG2, and lack of choice. I actually would've found it amusing to be able to romance Edwin. There could've been many, many lulz when he screwed up the Nether Scroll...
  8. I have mentioned before I would like to see a romance option in the game. HOWEVER, I'd much rather see a decent friendship/comaderie/bromance form up between characters rather than a straight up romance. One of the things I thought Dragon Age did well was the little relationship meter. I don't mean the fact I could see it, but the fact NPC's went from indifferent, to warm, to friendly, etc. The downside was getting them to be romancable was damn easy. I think BG2 had a similar system, except the meter was completely hidden. Aside from Aerie, I also recall romances in that game being ha
  9. Yep, I do. I had to actually decrease mine since the microwave blew up, and replacing that had to come over funding this. On the good side, I convinced my other half to back the project.
  10. Given that they're using Unity (so the engine is pretty much done already, just needs some tweaks to fit their vision) and the guys have clearly already been working on game lore, I think April 2014 is a fairly realistic release date. Having said that, I wouldn't mind if they extended the release date so they can have more time to add polish.
  11. You do realize who made those games, right? That said, since when is NV objective-based only? Black Isle/Bioware... so basically, not Bioware as it exists today. In fact, BG/BG2 are referenced in the PE kickstarter page. Why? Did you have a point to make? Other than the fact those games are based off the AD&D 2nd Edition ruleset?
  12. I chose against. If they're trying to capture the spirit of the Baldur's Gate/NWN games, part of that mechanic was killing mobs/disarming traps yielded XP. Admittedly you don't tend to gain much (unless it was a boss fight), but you do gain something. XP on objectives only is something I'm very iffy about. In some games, it works. V:tM - Bloodlines is one. Fallout: New Vegas is another. However, in some games it really doesn't. Mass Effect has you killing loads of enemies, with no reward at all... not even loot. Half the time I wish they wern't there so I can get on with the story sinc
  13. Co-Op Multiplayer via LAN please! Similar style to the BG games is absolutely fine.
  14. Aaahh, no, no, no. Considering every single RPG I've ever played has this, I don't get why you're complaining. Even the pen'n'paper games have a weight system for encumbrance. I don't know about PnP, but if every single cRPG you played has a weight system, then you played too few. Which either way, is not the point. BG, BG2, IWD, PS:T, NWN, NWN2, Fallout, Fallout 2, Fallout: BOS, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas, Mass Effect Series (though this didn't have weight, it had limited slots), Dragon Age... Also played KotoR and KotoR2, but don't remember if they have the weig
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