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  1. I kind of fell off the Telltale wagon after the QTE that was Jurassic Park. Maybe I'll give Walking Dead a chance (still waiting for more Sam & Max). I can't blame you, Jurassic Park was kind of a train wreck. Walking Dead is fantastic though, you'd barely think they were done by the same people. Definitely recommend giving it a try! It might tide you over until more Sam & Max happens
  2. I really enjoy moments like this in RPGs. It serves to make your party members feel like real people with their own goals and wants as opposed to mindless yes men following you around and hitting things for you. Definitely hoping there will be more, and I'm confident there will be - the many ways you could mess with/fight/force your party members into leaving in Mask of the Betrayer is one of the reasons that game is still a favorite of mine today.
  3. I'm glad it was helpful! I'll start looking for some tutorials for the main post - those would be good resources to have for a lot of developers just starting off. I'm also happy people find the mind-mapping software useful. I used to think it was sort of silly at first, but now mind-mapping has become one of the most crucial steps to my narrative design. Especially if you plan on having branching paths or a lot of characters, it's a great way of keeping your thoughts organized.
  4. No. They could certainly have a city (or tribal village), especially one populated by non-humans, in which females fulfill certain administrative roles. An advanced human matriarchal society would be ridiculous. This hasn't happened once in the history of mankind and there's pretty obvious reasons for that. I am so done
  5. I was and still am so impressed with how Obsidian dealt with morality in Neverwinter Nights 2, specifically Mask of the Betrayer. I'm not the biggest fan of D&D's alignment system, but they really made it work. Not only that, but in MotB they integrated moral choices into the gameplay itself with the Suppress/Devour mechanics (I know people weren't the biggest fan of that system but my god I loved it). I also love the depths of how evil you could really get in that game. There are very few evil choices that have no gain or reasoning behind them. Evil choices that are so absurdly dark as to
  6. Obsidian has not let me down as far as ladies go in games - Kaelyn the Dove is one of my favorite characters of all time, same with Safiya and Neeshka and pretty much any other female character they've made. I have no doubt that they will provide new women for me to swoon over and admire. As far as having a female player character - I don't want to crush the patriarchy in a video game, I don't want my lady characters to have to overcome sexism, I don't want my character's gender to be a major point of contention, I want every NPC to not care because excuse me I am saving the world for you
  7. Thanks for all the great additions! Since I just signed up I actually didn't know that I couldn't edit my post after a bit of time had passed, so I'm not sure how to update the list. Could I message one of the mods with the updates?
  8. This is a great idea for a thread! Writing for games is my biggest interest/hobby/obsession, so just from my experience - the best thing that sets game stories apart from movies/comics/novels is that games are interactive. If you're not taking advantage of player interactivity, why are you making a game in the first place? In story-driven RPGs, player choice is one of the most important ways to make the plot compelling. Lots of options, clever ways to solve problems, and most of all the game acknowledging your choices and changing the story or world around you to reflect it. For me, ch
  9. You're right, I love being complimented about the way I look. It makes me feel great! But there is a huge difference between a stranger telling me in person, "You look nice today!" and a stranger online making anonymous comments in a visible and public place saying things like "Show me your boobs" (of which there was a lot going on in the stream last night). You have to recognize there's a major difference there, right? If you wouldn't say it to a woman on the street, don't say it online. Of course, if you make a habit of telling women to show them your breasts in person anyway, that's jus
  10. If you have a bit of cash to spare and you'd like a good example of in-game dev commentary, check out the special edition of Monkey Island 2. Or you could just look up some of the videos on YouTube. You can turn it on or off, so it won't really be breaking the fourth wall or messing with your story unless you want it to. I don't know how Obsidian is going to do it, but Monkey Island's was an audio track of the game devs talking about why they made what choices where, or what challenges presented themselves when developing a certain part of the game, etc. It adds some cool insight into the
  11. Hey everyone, I just wanted to provide a list of resources for game developers out there. I'll try to keep things on the list free for the most part, and this is by no means a complete list or resources for people to use! But it should be enough to get any aspiring developer started. I haven't tried some of these so I'm not sure how great they are! If anyone has things to add please feel free to post them in the thread, these are just resources I've thought of off the top of my head. GAME BUILDING: Adventure Game Studio - Windows only; has an active community/userbase. Wadjet Eye makes mo
  12. I'm assuming this was directed at me but my goodness there's no need to be so rude Of course the developers are not saying "this is how all bisexuals behave". And a few aggressively flirtatious bi characters in a few games would not be a big deal, but the thing is this is pretty much how all bi characters are being shown in games today, which isn't great. Even if you personally don't object to the content (which is fine and I do understand that it's not a big deal for most hetereosexual people), from a strictly narrative/writing perspective, that character archetype being reused repeatedly
  13. First of all this is a good post and you should feel good about it Secondly yes thank you, I really hope that if romance options are included there are at least some non-heterosexual ones. I'd also love for video game writers in general to stop with the trend of any openly bisexual characters falling into the "sex-crazed rogue" archetype (pointed stares at Zevran and Isabela). It really adds fuel to the ridiculous argument that bisexuality isn't a valid sexual orientation, and the stereotype that all bisexual people "just really like sex", and so on and so forth. It's a harmful stereotype
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