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  1. Very good and historically reasoned idea. Known in european medieval history common practice of ransom over nobility prisoners. Imagine fight where sometimes your rivals consider further resistance futile and try to surrender. You may continue and fight them or you can take them into captivity and hold them in prison while negotiating over ransom with their representatives. It would demand additional resources spared to development of related game mechanics in order to make AI that able to take such decisions, and may require development of mechanics for feodalic society with NPC strongholds (
  2. I think would be interesting to see, if game would have had collected statistics of % of players who actually saved this npc. If i ask myself: what i'd understand after reading words "earth destroyed"? It may be hard question to answer, even though i remember that i'm playing medieval RPG.
  3. Do you really think blind nuclear physicist (you don't even know he is) will be useful, don't you? - such a cruel medieval world...
  4. Imagine, travelling through highland (possibly rocky montane area) around the rocky corner of the road you hear some not so distant sound of blast and rockfall on the way ahead (possibly down the pass or on the other side of linn/combe/ravine). Later you see that way (road) was blocked by rockfall you've heard and, when approached the site, you see dead bodies in white torn robes and body parts scattered among the rocks all around the place. Searching around you discover one laying male person that moving his limbs like still alive. Man, middle aged, wear white bloody robe above strange suit,
  5. OK. I thought about bringing new topic with my idea of another possible candidate for special story, but at second thought i searched for similar topics and decided to raise entire theme by addition of my story. First of all i voted for: 1) Would you like another Continent/ Island and haw BIG ? - Yes, but tiny island 1/8 size of known world or less 2) What type of extras would you like with it ? (multi answer) - New Quest (small) New Quests (Big also affecting storyline) Other (say what please ) 3) If this type of dream will sucseed haw it should be added "IN YOUR OPINION" ? -
  6. Not more, but a bit different. Imagine hardened in battles NPC ranger who offers a companionship to "tough" adventurer like you and compare to same NPC who wont bother to look in your direction (no matter how high your skills are). Same story, same environment, different gaming experience. But since that idea left without support of audience, i wont try to justify whatsoever. Last time i merely supported someone's opinion regarding possible optional meaningless decorative scenes (i rephrased it with Easter eggs term that's it).
  7. That's right. All the differences may be reduced to finite collection of Easter eggs, if not to glorify, then just to decorate a real hardcore effort.
  8. In science, sometimes, subject of statement or thesis worth research & study, just to show that it was wrong. I think poll and written opinions answered all questions proposed by subject of topic.
  9. Hey kid, we have different stories about it. What do you think about building storyline mechanics with respect to different difficulty options? I mean that gameplay would vary not only in difficulty, but in storyline or amount of quests that player receive. It may look like developer have to build handful unique stories and will demand double of money and HR. My idea is to build one complete main plot and set of side stories/quests, and until certain difficulty modes (suppose those 3 special most difficult goals) player wont get all side quests (developers may even randomize offered set) an
  10. Having NPC companions with own attitude is fine and can colorify game experience, if it within capability of developers (budget, difficulty etc.). Concerning annoying stuff-swapping, it can be assumed as non on-the-fly operation, while you still can drop one item or another to your companion without stopping, or open inventory/ies and drag-n-drop swap. Developers of game mechanics may take historical assumption that major exchange demands a full stop of entire party. Consequently, developers may think about sort of stay or camping mode, which will bring an abstract pile of all items in for
  11. Mounts are nice, but you're never needed their advantage to win. You & your companions are fearsome warriors, don't you? - With this exception: Ever since animals became tamed enslaved friends of more intelligent forms of life, they have been used for cargo. If blood of latent merchant flows through your nobleman's veins, and your world full of NPC merchants and grandees, you may hit the road with a cart attached to your fellow mount. This quest is not for hot-blooded romanticists, your soul have to obey your mind and to be attached to your wallet, pal. - Personally i won't mind
  12. - This may indeed enliven a gameplay for many people. Just keep in mind small tip: when you think about remove, try to rephrase it with toggle. For example, my thoughts towards interface include these basics: Maps or any other visual guidance may incorporate various methods based on layers which can be toggled on-off like Google-maps etc. Developers may take a use of diary style interface where some phrases act like hyperlinks which popup additional info, or offer action options. Some xml based tag interface for custom story extensions or whatever it will be intended for in future.
  13. Fine handwritten art would be great as well and will be appreciated. And definitely will drive as much attention and inspire people to use imagination more (what plays key part in enjoying RPGS).
  14. Speaking about more bakers. Throwing such bone on their forums may give enough.
  15. Yes. It would be great. And good quality models may become a great addition to "library" of common recognizable templates of characters in RPG modelling IRL, what would be appreciated by attenders in RPGs IRL.
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