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Who looks best in the Dancers outfit?

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The Exile.


Although I haven't played the game with a male player character yet, so this is just between the Exile and Mira.


Although I really wish Kreia would try it on. Hot stuff!


I just know someone with a higher-brain-function deficiency will take that last line seriously.

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Would love to see Bastila in that. o:)


Of the available characters, I play male so between Handmaiden and Mira, the Handmaiden. She's really pale though. But the white hair kills it. :D


I'm a geek and a doofus, as well as an oaf. ;):huh::-"

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Do we really need to have this discussion?
yes of course we need this topic

unless ur a geek


Oh yes, im a geek if I DONT want to look at PIXILATED charecters wearing skimpy outfits.



Pixilated characters wearing skimpy outfits .......... Porn anyone? (w00t) :(

You're feeble skills are no match for the power of the Bumfluff!!

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