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Who looks best in the Dancers outfit?

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Do we really need to have this discussion?
yes of course we need this topic

unless ur a geek


Oh yes, im a geek if I DONT want to look at PIXILATED charecters wearing skimpy outfits.



Pixilated characters wearing skimpy outfits .......... Porn anyone? (w00t) :devil:


Yes, I'm perplexed by these people who seem to assert that polygonal characters cannot be attractive (despite all evidence to the contrary). I think that kind of reaction is usually just stimulated by someone's need to assert their sexual normality ("hey, look at me, I'm normal, I only like real women!")


I might as well assert, while were at it, that women at VHS resolution can't be found attractive. Everyone who ever asserted that women in movies or in pornography recorded on a VHS tape aroused them was lying. Why? Because they were just watching a set of coloured lines on a fuzzy TV screen, and yet they found it to be sexually arousing as if it were a normal, flesh and blood woman! Heck, let's try another one: anyone who wears glasses and finds other human beings attractive while wearing them is clearly a sicko, as they're finding a distorted reflraction of a real human being attractive, not the real thing itself!

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Well though I am always impressed by the interest of the community in various aspect of Obsidian games, I think that this particular thread is a public forum's inevitable problem child :devil: So with that said, I'll close this down and hopefully using PM or private forums elsewhere might allow this particular interest to be fully explored :)





The universe is change;
your life is what our thoughts make it
- Marcus Aurelius (161)


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