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  1. Sith Lord. "POWER! UNLIMITED POWER!!"
  2. K1: Zaalbar and Canderous. They whip Sandpeople ass like no other NPC. They've even outlasted me in all out battles against Sandpeople. And it's really cool to see Zaalbar bending over to beatdown the Sandpeople since he's a tower. It's doubly cool when Canderous threatens to bring down that Tatooine Hutt's house if he doesn't do as I ask. K2: Handmaiden and HK 47. Her look is just that cool. HK is that damn funny.
  3. I see two Kath Hounds doing it under a tree. Seriously.
  4. She's too fine for the Darkside taint.
  5. Cyan. Nothing looks better than false blue tearing up the bad guys.
  6. Dual lightsabers. Quite frankly, when I whip my lightsabers out, I'm looking to hand out ass beatings. Double the sabers = harder the beatings.
  7. Handmaiden. She's the overblonde. All blondes aspire to be her.
  8. An odd thing to say for the leader of the Bao-Dur and Mira Armies... :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Touche'.
  9. Battlewookie, you are the glitch master.
  10. I'm glad you guys understood. I didn't know how to describe a world like that. I can't find a pic. But that would be a hellish world to imitate. Although Peragus would take away the novelty of a literally "damaged planet".
  11. Lord Satasn? Have you defeated DeathScepter? He hasn't been seen all day.
  12. Gluupor & Trask Ulgo. Gluupor's a widow now.
  13. Yeah. That's what I thought too. Like if you practiced really hard, you can do what they do. Like an old Kung Fu movie where the characters are making these flying attacks. Only the best of the best can do it.
  14. I gotta relook at that scene. I miss the "Yub Yub" song though.
  15. Luke is special. He is the son of the chosen one, and the last of the LS force adepts. He isn't all powerful in the movies, but he learns to use his emotions to give him strength, yet he is able to resist the DS in him. He let loose his rage at Vader, but didn't become swallowed up by it. Like Anakin kills the Jedi and Padme, the Emperor thought that like father like son, Luke gave in to his urges and will walk the path to the DS. It was Luke's rage that gave him the strength to defeat Vader. But Luke is special. The force is strong with him in the end. Obi-Wan and Yoda didn't have all the time in the world to train Luke. They had to use speed teaching, have Luke kill Vader and the Emperor, and save the galaxy.What they didn't count on was Luke having the wisdom to try to help his father return to the light.
  16. Yeah. Also if you look at my posts, you can determine if I am darkside or if I am fit to be a Jedi or Sith. You can even crack wise at me. Or Death Scepter. :D PixiesRock is a Jedi Consular. Is on the cusp of becoming a Jedi Master, but must first learn the truth, that pixies don't rock. DeathScepter. The first Jedi to experiment with the Darkside. Because of him, we are all caught in this madness. He and Lord Satasn have engaged in this mock battle with words, and have yet to bust out the lightsabers. All they do is talk, all they'll ever do is talk. They prefer to let the fingertips do the talking. Where's the bloodshed already? My money is on Satasn. He doesn't make typos.
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