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  1. Sith Lord. "POWER! UNLIMITED POWER!!"
  2. K1: Zaalbar and Canderous. They whip Sandpeople ass like no other NPC. They've even outlasted me in all out battles against Sandpeople. And it's really cool to see Zaalbar bending over to beatdown the Sandpeople since he's a tower. It's doubly cool when Canderous threatens to bring down that Tatooine Hutt's house if he doesn't do as I ask. K2: Handmaiden and HK 47. Her look is just that cool. HK is that damn funny.
  3. I see two Kath Hounds doing it under a tree. Seriously.
  4. She's too fine for the Darkside taint.
  5. Cyan. Nothing looks better than false blue tearing up the bad guys.
  6. Dual lightsabers. Quite frankly, when I whip my lightsabers out, I'm looking to hand out ass beatings. Double the sabers = harder the beatings.
  7. Handmaiden. She's the overblonde. All blondes aspire to be her.
  8. An odd thing to say for the leader of the Bao-Dur and Mira Armies... :D <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Touche'.
  9. Battlewookie, you are the glitch master.
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