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  1. ... fess up yet? Just curious what the name was going to be.
  2. Shouldnt it be Endar Spire class :D And I like the Endar Spire light battleship, not the hammerhead design.
  3. The Sith are weaker because your apprentice is always trying to kill you. Therefore you cant teach him all your tricks or he'll off you.
  4. the guy in the Hrakert rift locker... you know fishy fishy fishy....??? :D
  5. The force must be balanced. Lets say there are 1000 force points. 500 to dark side 500 to light side. equates to 1 point per jedi/dark jedi now then, if all the jedi are killed off but 1, the remaining jedi has 500 points vs 500 dark jedi with 1 pt ea. just my numerical theory, anyway.
  6. Leave KOTOR alone. Let Revan just be out there. You know they'll cook up some ****amamie inconsistent story. Just move on to a new hero in 3!!! Also, I like when they make the storylines slightly mysterious. It makes you have to think hard about what the "real" version is. As you know, the story could just be one interpretation of actual events; kinda like how "Vader killed Anakin Skywalker". And personally, I think all the storylines go downhill from here. KOTOR was great because it had a uber-revelation. There isn't all that many more revelations you can have at this point....
  7. even books are expensive now. hardback books can run 20-40 and paperbacks at least 7-10 again the publishers are getting rammed by low sales, large volume/competitors and high prices for paper, storage. used to be a paperback would be 2-3. and u can bet in ten years costs will double, but hey... its called inflation.
  8. probably costs a few million to develop a console game so i definitely feel for the game publishers. its just economics. i understand people dont want to pay 60.00 US for a game. i also understand the publishers need to make a profit. you just got to see how it plays out is all.
  9. i'd like to add another snippet to that persons page... seems backwards that the wings expand in combat. its tried and true in RL that you always want to minimize your target area in combat, so it makes more sense for the wings to be out in space flight and close in for combat. smaller target= harder to hit= higher endurance
  10. cmon peeps. we know you love bastilla but is having a cameo really the highlight of the game? enough to make u buy it off the shelves? its been fun and done. time to move on to another SW hottie.
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