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  1. Visas. And don't start me, I could stay here forever babbling **** about how I hate her.
  2. 3DMark is a big waste of MBs in your Harddrive if you ask me. Its supposed to see how your computer goes with the upcoming graphics right? Well 3DMark05 Graphics werent even seen, let alone 2006. The only thing that was remotely close was 3DMark03. And yes I have the Minium requirments.
  3. Didnt Kreia give a boost to the expirience you gain while she is in the party? Im preety sure thats the key, having Kreia in the party most of the times.
  4. Is it me, or Sion looks alot better with a cape?
  5. I like G0-T0 and HK-47, I use them... both... My Jedi is enough to kill everyone, HK-47 is just hilirious and when leveled up correctly, he is a bomb. G0-T0 can also be usefull if used properly...
  6. You seriously didnt notice that Nihilus was weakned by trying to "Feed" on The Exile?
  7. New beta build! Sheezweee. And yes, Dashus could do Bao-Dur any time xD And from what I know, only Kaavee will have new voice files since she had none.
  8. Oh and its fixed, Im currently with a notepad and a pen getting all the bugs from 298Tel. Not exploiting things... Yet
  9. That Felix guy is very lucky. Anyway, we have been testing, and we found a couple of problems already, which are trying to be fixed.
  10. WAIT! Just noticed something. Look at the screenshot. The first robot is cleary HK-47. But the others... they dont have the same Head format, they are just have the same shape. HK-47 IS STILL UNIQUE! That must be a droid army built by him
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