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  1. Well, now I know. Thanks, Petra. The thing about wishing Kreia would live and that Atris would end up as the final Darth Traya makes me wish the cut ending was in the game, but I like Atris also. I'm glad the PC could get her to redeem herself, even though I don't know what happened after all the Sith holocrons started yelling at her. And, actually, I find myself liking how the game ended. Even the lack of party member closure was cool because it made Malachor seem very Armageddon-like, just the Exile traveling into Malachor alone and Mira and the Remote following. We know some of them survived because the Ebon Hawk picks up the Exile and Kreia mentions their fates.
  2. Beastmode, I know what you mean. She had good intentions and taught something very important in the Star Wars universe: One does not need to feel the Force to be whole and that people should not seek to destroy something like the Exile simply because they do not understand her/him. However, good intentions can still cause bad actions. The Force at the "energy field" level is a gift that can be used for good or evil. If the universe were deafened to it, then much evil would be avoided, but also much good. Quite honestly, I don't think one can kill the Force without killing the universe, if one could kill the Force at all its levels. I think Lucas intended the Force to also be a higher and eternal reality, as well as the binding of the universe with a will of its own, as Kreia states. Kreia hates the Force for pushing its will on sentients to achieve balance. Yet, she also manipulates everybody to achieve what she feels is the greater good! I'm not sure if Lucas made the Force's will entirely light, but he does assert that balance in the Force means that the dark side is held at bay. For me, Kreia is Grey. She had good intentions, but might have only cared for the Exile for what he/she represented. Everyone was a pawn, although she did express that she cared for the Exile's companions before she died. Nevertheless, she is darn cool.
  3. The Gamer'sTemple walkthrough says that you have to see Lorso talking to the criminals before visiting Chodo Habat for the first time or it can't be completed and two random guys will show up on the planet instead. The Redemption quest is bugged as far as I know.
  4. Out of that list, I'd probably say Luke. I don't know whether to consider Revan a master or not. The Chronicles refer to him as a master in one section, then a knight in another. And Vandar calls Revan "the prodigal knight" in K1. There's a good chance Revan became a master during or after K2. I'd say the Exile, Luke and Revan tie for most powerful, followed by Yoda.
  5. Don't worry, man. That's all I was going to say on the subject . Anyway, I tried to do a darkside female game once and felt pretty guilty by the time I landed on Telos' surface so I decided to delete that game. Plus I had dark side mastery by then and was rather put out by her appearance.
  6. Well, you can't really master both sides unless at different times and it doesn't take a genius to understand the dark side without giving in to it. Mastering the dark side only lets you feel what you could have already understood about it through contemplation of temptation and what it could lead to. And to think that one can truly understand the Force is rather foolish. The characters in the game are at their level (being in the light and/or dark) and the force is above and beyond that. And there is good and evil, it's just that greater goods and greater evils make it hard to discern the two sides at times, or the person just wants to have no restraint on what they do.
  7. Me too, although I used green and blue sabers for my Revan since I started out as a Consular but wanted a little blue with the green.
  8. Actually, I think if you listen to the tusken historian on Tatooine, he talks of what we later learn about the Rakatan empire. But, no, the riddle thing doesn't really teach you much, except that the Rakata had the technology to imprison criminals in little worlds.
  9. I had Revan use two sabers in KotOR 1 (blue and green) and wanted something different in K2 so I chose double-bladed (blue, then silver, then viridian because I gave the silver crystal to Handmaiden. I wish I had found a cyan crystal). If I had the game on PC I would have used the Mantle of the Force crystal for Revan. that is a cool color, I silver-cyan I think. Darth Ekim, if you finish the quest on Nar Shaddaa with Greadda (I think that's her name) in her favor, she will have a silver crystal in her inventory for you. I'm pretty sure it isn't a random item.
  10. There's the line that force persuades the two goons on Nar Shaddaa to jump into the pit. That's the funniest one, but I don't remember the most evil lines because I'm usually concerned with the light side lines.
  11. I read in a walkthrough that if you've started working for the Ithorians before receiving the escaped criminals mission that it becomes unsolvable. Hopefully that means that you can still do it if you talk to Grenn before going to Chodo Habat.
  12. I'm pretty sure you have to be male to learn because the Handmaiden who teaches you the moves is only in your party if you're male. You can spar with the handmaidens in Atris' stronghold in the Telos polar regions, but I don't think they teach you anything. There is a mod on pcgamemods.com to get handmaiden in your party if you're female. It probably includes her teaching the Exile Echani moves.
  13. Some of these are just what I want them to be because my game really favors double-bladed sabers for some reason. The colors are the same though. Handmaiden: double-bladed silver Visas: single, violet Mira: single, green Bao-Dur: double, blue Atton: twin sabers, bronze and orange Kreia, short, green
  14. They'd probably be equal in lightsaber skill, but Sion would indeed win unless Yoda could get him to willingly die, << Is that a spoiler? Oh, well. Just to be safe. Bye, Draken Fett. If it's any consolation, I wouldn't have posted if I weren't trying to avoid homework.
  15. We could be both. We definitely are destructive and selfish from birth, but we naturally have moral development, although some people don't reach as high a stage as others. The essence of man isn't just our natural destructive instincts that the Freudian theory emphasizes. We also have a conscience which, unless we are sociopathic, makes what our true essence is a little more complicated. We naturally have to be destructive to survive; eating anything means ending something's life. We also naturally give life and might have an instinct to nurture children, although that last one is debatable, especially with the father. DeathScepter: Thank you for enlightening me on Jesus' view towards self-defense, if that's indeed what he meant. I would sometimes debate with myself how he would view it. Looks like I need to brush up on my Bible reading :D .
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