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  1. Really? Where does it say that? And when you say fallen to the dark side, you mean Kreia? I thought she was always neutral, even when she was a Sith Lord. That's why she was 'kicked out'.
  2. In the endgame, when Kreia comes to Trayus Academy, Sion is ready to cut her down... And once the Exile and crew get there, Sion's obeying her commands? How is that?
  3. When Mandalore's boys storm the Ravager, he and Kex take a little stroll. Mandalore asks Kex if the Republic will suspect their explosives. What do they mean? Why would they worry about that?
  4. Dude, you gotta give people more time to reply. Anyways, Raven means going to your in-game menu, going to the party-selection screen, and un-equiping those party members, then re-equiping them. If it works, Atton and Kreia should appear at you side. If not, I don't know what to tell you. It's a bug. The game's chock-full of 'em.
  5. Although the game never said this, I assume that the Exile and Kreia created their bond while they were both near-dead on the Ebon Hawk at the beginning of the game. That said... How did it get so powerful as to threaten both of their lives? If the bond was still in effect when they were in the Trayus Academy, when Kreia died, why didn't the Exile? Did Kreia lie about the fatality of the bond?
  6. The first time I played this game, and I landed on the Telos surface, I ran into those two criminals, the Devaronian & the Rodian, but the 2nd time through they weren't there! Is there a certain way you have to do things while on Citadel Station or something? Or is it a bug? Please help! _________________ Another question: How do you complete the "Redemption" sidequest on Dantooine? Is it supposed to finish when you save Khoonda from the mercs? (meaning the problem is a bug) Or is it something else? Again, please help!
  7. After playing this game through I've found that some characters can be easier than others to get influence with than others. For example: Those who you gain most of the needed influence just from talking: Kreia, Visas, Handmaiden, Disciple, T3-M4, Mira & GO-TO Those who you gain most of the needed influence from walking around w/you: Bao-Dur, Atton, Mandalore, HK-47 The others were easy, except for Bao-Dur, he was more difficult. But I haven't been able to get ANY influence w/Mandalore or HK-47 AT ALL! Please Help!
  8. Also, I have the idea of going to Dantooine first, getting the Personal Crystal and leaving so I can start building it up early (I haven't tried it yet). I have found that you can re-attune it every time you level up or your alignment changes, so it made sense to get it as soon as possible. Am I wrong? Should I wait til I eventually get to Dantooine?
  9. What do you mean by that? The higher your level, the more powerful crystals you get?
  10. I've played throught this game twice, and HK-47 never had a special disruptor rifle. Is he supposed to have it when you reactivate him? Or what? Is anyone else having this problem, or is it just my game-copy?
  11. How the heck do you get the crew cinematics & conversations!? I have been reading a few of these threads and I don't know what there talking about. For example: The Handmaiden & Visas having a cat-fight over my character, or the Handmaiden & Mira having a little girl talk. I played a male LS character and throuhout the game, they kept to themselves and only talking to me. I mean I got enough influence to get Kreia & Visas to teach me a few things; I got Atton, Mira, and the Handmaiden to become Jedi; but no in-crew cinematics or ANYTHING. Did I bump them up to Jedi too fast? Or what? PLEASE HELP!!!
  12. Hey wussup. I'm pretty sure that the DS ending is that you kill Kreia, throw her body into the abyss of the Academy (Malachor V doesn't blow up), and the rest of the crew takes the Hawk and leaves w/out you. Although I haven't seen it myself, I've only finished the game LS too. If you want you can check it out here. That's where I found it. http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Malachor_V Speaking of which, I found this statement at this site which said: "Like Mira, Atton and Visas, she (Handmaiden) would be one of the members to attack Kreia at Malachor V only to be defeated and imprisoned by Sion." I don't remember that in the game, do you?
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