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  1. Playing through the game, I came to the point where you land at Iziz in a salvaged Basilisk war droid. The original skeetch of one, from long before the game, is this: (I call it, "lobster-mole") But that's a lot different from how it came out in the game. In the game it appears to be a Star Viper heavy assault starfighter. It's another mandalorian craft, why not just call it what it looks like? Silly developers... See some dude's site all about it for more details. I just want to know, why call it a basilisk war droid? After all, it doesnt seem any more realistic to ride through space on top of the actual basilisk without a space suit than it does to hollow out a droid to have space for three and still function fine. Perhaps it was just forgotten in hopes that nobody would notice? I'm disgruntled. Grr. (Plus, the SWG:JtL people didn't put it in that game, despite the other MandalMotors ships they used. Not cool.) My one and only post! Never before, never again!
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