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  1. For me, it's not a matter of the graphics being glitchy. I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not used to the interface scaling up with the resolution since I just got finished playing Kotor I.
  2. So a year ago I was playing on a 19" CRT with an old video card running at 800x600. I got bored and thought I'd see what it looked like with my current card and LCD monitor running at 1600x1200 (native resolution of my monitor is 1920x1200). Are the items on the HUD (attack/force/grenade icons, player pic, etc) suppoed to be really big? Also, the minimap and the icons in the lower left look like they're scaled up really badly.
  3. When/where was the term "Mandalorian" first used? It's been awhile since I've seen the original trilogy but I don't recall Boba Fett ever really refered to as one. So is it a Lucas-ism or the brain child of the extended universe?
  4. This whole thread is moot since we all know that Darth Nihilus is really Frank Stallone.
  5. This is true for containers. Merchant inventory isn't set until you talk to them.
  6. Run the "Additional Voices" list through IMDB and see if any of them play roles you're familiar with. On the topic of random voice actor "sightings", I heard Disciple doing the Disciple voice on Cartoon Network. Can't remember the show. It was on in the background. My kids have a video of Cinderella II (it's as bad as it sounds) and the title role is played by Bastila with an American accent.
  7. I would like to offer my talents to the effort. Since I have no talents, instead I will offer my support. Nice work to everyone involved! I predict seeing The Restoration Project before we see an official patch.
  8. It pretty much goes as follows and it's completely up to your tastes: Flurry = Additional chance to hit (or miss) with your current attack bonus with no penalties. Critical Strike = Double damage 40% (50% if Keen) of the time. Triple if you use the correct form. Power Attack = Guaranteed bonus damage if you hit. Triple damage (including triple your Power Attack Bonus) if you crit. Quadruple damage if you crit and you're using the correct form.
  9. Yep. But if you relied on Quick Saves or Auto Saves, you're probably screwed.
  10. Critical Strike does work with lightsabers despite the description. From what I understand, the bonuses from Master Critical and Keen stack but they don't multiply off each other. They multiply the original range and then add. For instance, a base lightsaber will crit with a roll of 19 or 20 (or 10% of the time). By itself, Keen will double the original range. This boils down to adding 10% (or 2) to the threat range. Master Critical will quadruple the original range, adding 30% (or 6) to the threat range. Used together, you get 50% chance of hitting a critical, original 10% plu
  11. What you describe happens to me and it's annoying. My NPC queues don't "stick" and that's annoying. When I try to divide and conquer by having my NPCs attacked different targets, they always immediately stop what they're doing and come running along to attack my target. That's annoying.
  12. After my first game I was under the assumption that Revan made a visit to Kreia prior to leaving for the unknown regions and she dropped him off with the assist of the Ebon Hawk, T3 and a crew of droids (the broken ones in the prologue). T3 was then instructed to lock down the navicomputer and wipe his own memory after the mission was complete. Then all the hoopla went down with the sith warship (Ravenger), Harbinger and the Hawk. The part that always baffled me was, why did the Paragus HK go through all the guile and deceit to keep the Exile contained when all the other HKs were pe
  13. The patch will be released shortly after Mel Brooks makes History of the World: Part II
  14. Anyone got a workaround for the Line-on-the-Forehead syndrome some of the models seem to be suffering. Most notably, Atton. My workaround... I put a Force Mask on him.
  15. I dare you to name the kid Revan...
  16. Can someone explain the crit multiplier to me? It should be straight forward but then I look at the damage breakdown and it doesn't makes sense. For instance it will say something like "Damage x3 = Energy 43 etc." So my original damage was 14.33 points?
  17. Actually, you receive a lightsaber as soon as you finish your "where's your lightsaber?" conversation with Bao-Dur. The problem is, you immediately lose it. Invoker, if you want to talk about fastest time, with Dxun you've got to work your way up the map, past the bounty hunters, into the camp and then talk to Mandalore before going back out into the jungle to hunt canocks. With Nar Shadaa, all you have to do is go straight to the docks and kill the dude.
  18. My fastest: 1st - Telos (obviously) 2nd - Visas. I went to Nar Shadaa, got off the Hawk. Got back on and showed her my pimp hand. 3rd - Lootra. Went straight to the docks and killed him.
  19. K1 was the first RPG that I truly enjoyed since the Ultima series. It was the only other RPG where I connected with the characters.
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