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  1. Yeah I figured you could steal it from him and then sell it to someone else who thinks it real, come to find out it ain't worth nuttin. :ph34r:
  2. SW Kotor 3: This game better not be rushed. I think it's a damn good title. "
  3. Well, i'm a guy and always play as a guy so never get him. However when you first see him, he seems really boring. I mean come on he bows to strangers!
  4. Best character is Sion, second is... Nihilus, third is Mandalore.
  5. Mira can get in that thang? Whew I gotta go back and try it out. :D
  6. Yeah, alot of people seem to like Revan over Vader because they can actually *be* Revan, and probably because Revan is younger than Vader and seems more 'fun'.... Pfft.
  7. A shameful death unlike Revan? Hmm, first of all we don't know if Revan died or not. For all we know, he died after a pazaak player got pissed that he lost and killed him for his credits back. Secondly, Vader realized his wrong doings and at the end of the movie, we see him in spirit form next to Obi-Wann and Yoda. That's shameful?
  8. I always find myself to be LS the first time. (Both 1 and 2) :ph34r:
  9. Yeah, I agree. Besides, the face, if it *does* changes everytime someone falls to the DS, does not change that quick, and that bad. Exar Kun didn't look like that. Why should the PC's?
  10. After seein Nihilus sucked up by that red stuff, I don't see how he should come back. Nothing's more boring than the same enemy in two different games. I kicked that man's [mask] so bad he couldn't even come back if he wanted to. :D
  11. Overall: Exar Kun. Not only great abilities, but solid leadership as well to lead the Sith to what should have been a victory against the Republic had it not been for Droma's 'trayal.
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