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  1. I haven't tried it on real photographs, but I don't see why it wouldn't work... I think it could be fine, and perhaps you might need to play around with the settings (such as layer modes and opacity) a little bit more. Overall it should work for any kind of picture, as long as you use PSCS. :D
  2. I use photoshop CS and Painter a little bit to color... but mostly PSCS :D I made a very basic Photoshop CS lightsaber howto... the (huge) pic can be found here... EDIT: oops... thanks for telling me http://www.deviantart.com/deviation/17575256/
  3. (je pense que "rotate recliner" ca veut dire qu'il a fait pivoter son fauteuil...) Honestly, I don't know what to say, aside that it's AWESOME! (I'll comment more on the fanmedia forum...)
  4. say, I'm curious, what do you mean "messed up"..?
  5. Guess I'm back with more art, for those who haven't been at the Fanmedia website... :D so I have an artsy pic of Revan, a Carth and player character pic in Gorillaz style, A Juhani and Bastila pic, a master Kavar pic, a bunch of colored sketches and Yuthura Ban... Feel free to let me know what you think!!
  6. wow, lovely art of Mission and Mira to their respective artists and colorists!
  7. Mhm, I guess I kinda forgot to say what it was about, but that would've ruined the punch..? *shrug* But it's indeed about the many allusions to Atton's bad odor problem... I like the way Mira "owned" him in the dialogue that was cut... XD But he is a good guy, and even if he wasn't, we still love him anyway thanks for the comments Oh, and cookies to anyone who can guess where Atton's (terrible) pick-up line is from?
  8. awesome work, thanks Eji I almost cried at the end... poor guy I hadn't heard the part of the message he left to T3 before... his story is not an happy one
  9. well, ok, the art is not so good (the 3rd panel is a shame), but I kinda like the joke... anyway.
  10. Mostly photoshop, but also a little bit of painter and opencanvas as well... Thanks <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
  11. Eji, would you mind me colouring your pic...? :">
  12. wow!! I realized Atris was meant for a greater role when it kinda sprung to my face that almost every official art was about her, or that her face was everywhere and BIG... and you play the game and she does not much aside from being beaten....
  13. Mostly photoshop, but also a little bit of painter and opencanvas as well... Thanks
  14. Maybe not that much since all the voice clips for the cut content has already been recorded, just not used. It's all there if you own a PC version of the game :D
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