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  1. Other than red = Sith, there's no real meaning to lightsaber blade colors. Whatever the individual Jedi wants.
  2. The games are what count as "canon". "Guide" books or websites based on them are not. Until a follow-up game or movie says otherwise, the gender and alignment of both characters are variable.
  3. Not quite. Your character only appears on the main menu if he/she's fallen to the dark side. If he/she's a good little Jedi, then it's Kreia instead.
  4. That's unfortunate. Well, I guess the game's going into the microwave.
  5. Needs to be made by someone else is all I can say. After running into a game-killer of a bug in a TSL replay, there's no way in hell I'll buy KOTOR 3 if Obsidian makes it.
  6. No, it would actually be a miniscule continuity shift, if it could even be considered one at all. Things change in 4000 years.
  7. Well, it looks like they've gotten rid of the tech support forum since I was coming to this site regularly. Since I don't know where else to put this thread, I'll put it here. I've recently started replaying the game. Everything was going just fine, at least from a technical standpoint until recently. I had gotten to Dantooine after completing Nar Shadaa, and the first part of Onderon. I decided that I wanted to see as many of the Ebon Hawk cutscenes as I could, so I left the ship and went back aboard. I did this a few times, when suddenly one time when I tried to leave the Ebon Hawk again, all I'd get is a black screen with the cursor. I tried leaving the planet, going to another and returning but no luck. This problem only seems to happen on Dantooine, other planets seem to load fine. Has anyone experienced this before? Is there a work-around? Just as a side note, the only save game I have before this problem is less than half-way between the start and where I'm at now. If the only solution is to start over, I think I'd rather put the game in the microwave for a few hours and use whatever's left as a coaster. It goes without saying that I won't be buying another Obsidian product again.
  8. Okay, so here's the deal. I'm replaying the game. Thing is, I forgot to loot the HK-50 on the Telos Polar Cap. As a result, I'm missing an HK-47 part. I collected the others, the vocabulator on Peragus, the one in the store on Nar Shadaa, and looted the HK-50s in the droid warehouse. I knew that the droid vendor on Onderon had one, but I wasn't sure it was the one I'm missing. Bought it, and apparently it's not. So is there any way to repair HK-47 legally, or will I have to resort to the spawn item cheat?
  9. I'm reciting from memory, but the conversations goes: Exile: It felt like my hand had been dipped in carbonite! [or whatever other response] Kreia: Then the sensation you'd feel upon my death might be less than that, though much quicker. Exile: You mean this bond could be fatal? Kreia: Perhaps. It is not a thing I would wish to test, and nor should you. The whole "one dies, the other dies" thing was never set in stone. Even if she wasn't lying outright, Kreia made no claim to being certain what effect the death of one would have on the other.
  10. ^^ The game sets Revan as a light side male.
  11. Vader, at least the young Vader has to be the dumbest fool alive. Or dead. To be deceived is one thing, but to believe and continue repeating something that not only you, but everyone you're talking to knows full-well to be a lie is something else.
  12. Revans outfit can stand to lose a few details, like the ruffly shoulders and circular belt-like thingy, but overall I like the concept. I guess as a world-conquering tyrant he can get away with a little tackiness.
  13. The influence system was a good idea, but the execution was weak. You could change the Force alignment of the characters, but it wouldn't really change them at all. For example, you could influence Visas to light side mastery, but she's still a Sith, still thinks cantinas full of people need to be clensed with grenades, etc. Same with the Disciple. Influence him all the way to the darkest of the dark, and he's still a Jedi fanboy. Also, important plot points shouldn't require influence to unlock. Character side-quests maybe, not not stuff important to the main plot.
  14. Arren Kae is too insignificant of a character for Kreia to be her using an alias. More likely, Kreia is just Kreia. Also Darth Traya. As for Atris, I'd always thought she was ordinary human, but I guess her hair and eyes do look a little like those of the handmaidens.
  15. Hehehe! I just noticed this gem! Show me a character that doesn't have any flaws, personal or professional, and I'll show you a pretty crappy work of fiction.
  16. Of the ones I know about (the movies and KOTOR games), probably the KOTOR era. The Republic was somewhat less corrupt, the Jedi hadn't yet become cloistered and developed that creepy theocratic vibe, and the Sith (at least under Revan) weren't blowing up entire planets just for sh!ts and giggles.
  17. If your characterization of Bastila was correct, why did she serve the Republic on the front lines, voluntarily (the Jedi aren't the army after all), and with distinction for two years before the events of the game? The Sith were winning even then. No matter how good she thought she was, she knew she was putting her life on the line with every battle. She did get some recognition from her actions, and maybe scoring points with her Jedi masters, but if your characterization of her was correct, how would a little fame compare with survival? It's not like defecting to the Sith would have been hard. Apparently, even during the war, civillian ships could travel between Republic and Sith worlds (like, for example, Koriban) with ease, and the Republic/Jedi would have no reason to keep her confined or under surveillance. She did nothing of the sort. Even Bastila admitted that she probably couldn't have escaped if not for the brawl Revan started at the swoop track. She wasn't accepting her captivity until someone stronger than the Vulkers (which Revan by himself at the time wasn't) came along, she was biding her time until she saw the best opportunity to escape. She was probably right when she said that the Vulkers would have killed Revan if not for her help. It can't be accurately said that she chose the winning side, because the side she chose wasn't the winning one until she chose it.
  18. Bastila has a larger role and a bit more backstory and personality. In terms of looks, Visas's veil thing leaves a little too much to the imagination. Bastila wins all around.
  19. Option 3. The story and creating your custom character. Options 1, 2 and 4 add little bits of flavor that I also like, but 3 is the big one. The Bastila on the box doesn't make much difference, since she looks nothing like the Bastila in the game.
  20. I suspect that Revan hatched some crafty, Revan-like plan to infiltrate the Sith and subtly cripple their empire from the inside. With Sith politics being what they are, taking his companions along would only put their lives in unnecessary danger. Many of them would probably be of more use in the Republic anyway. Stupid or smart? Depends on whether or not he's successful. Considering that KOTOR 3 (if it's made) will probably feature a new player character or put you back in the Exile's shoes, and the the Exile/new character will be instrumental in resolving the whole Sith situation, it seems likely that Revans crafty plan wasn't 100% successful, and he'll need at least some help.
  21. I forget exactly how the exchange goes, but I liked the punchline of it. Exile: The Sith will come here. I'd like to help you plan the defense of Telos. Atris: Your help is not required. Let them come. If they face a true Jedi, they will fail. Exile: I find your grasp of strategy to be... questionable. On a slightly different note: Mandalore: You think your age or your Jedi whelp will keep you safe from me?! Kreia: To be united by hatred is a fragile alliance at best.
  22. I suspect that if there is a KOTOR 3, Revan and the exile will have joined forces against the Sith, regardless of alignment. This Sith faction would be a threat to them both, no matter what. If by "be with" you mean some kind of romantic involvement: No. The exile is too much of a "good" code-following Jedi to do that, which is why she never persued a relationship with Atton, and Revan is loyal to Bastila. Besides, I'm thinking that the exile would hold Revan at least partly responsible for losing ten years of her life.
  23. I generally only count the lightsaber colors in the movies, plus yellow. Green's my favorite, and that's what I use with Revan. The exile uses violet because it helps distinguish her from Revan, and it's my second favorite. Both for light side and dark side. These characters have better things to deal with than the color of their lightsaber blades.
  24. They didn't. There was no transformation. Bioware created this character from the outset as someone on a quest (ie wild goose chase) to stop the Sith.
  25. The idea of Revan falling to the dark side out of some sense of greater good is indeed absurd. However, neither KOTOR 2 or Obsidian "made" him/her that. They made a character that thinks that's what happened. This character just happens to be a senile old woman that, by all accounts, wasn't there during the wars and had no idea what went through Revans head. Her opinion can be easily dismissed.
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