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  1. sorry about that. so i take it there is no way to complete the game then if i cannot get back to onderon? I'm not too keen on starting over.
  2. Hello everyone! Just a quick question. I've beaten the game, (after defeating Kreia on Malachor) and the Ebon Hawk flies off and it explodes, then the game takes me to credits, where it goes back to the main menu. However, i read that the game is only truly 100% when your character appears on the main menu. And it is not. In my journal it still says i have missions i need to do, and i've tried doing them. (For example, when Moza wants me to talk with Chodo? i talk to chodo and the only option for me to say is "never mind. I'll be going" So i have a few un-accomplished missions, and im confused as to why the game sort of just ended. Help would be appreciated. (Also, i have revealed myself as a jedi on Dantooine, and i cannot travel to Onderon to give someone else a starport visa. Another issue is that i have only completed one battle circle on Dxun, and the sith have been there and ive defeated them, but i cannot find anyone else to fight. ) Thanx...any questions, feel free to ask.
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