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  1. Hmmmm. I haven't seen much of Hanharr yet. The one time I did the game "dark side", I wasn't quite dark enough to get Hanharr instead of Mira.
  2. Obsidian should get it. They left the story wide open, they'd have to know where they're going with it better than Bioware would. And no, TSL isn't even close to the buggiest game in history. It's considerably more stable than it's predecessor before it was patched.
  3. I'd say definitely get the first one. While KOTOR 2 is a worthy successor, the original is a better game in many ways.
  4. In terms of gameplay mechanics: The Exile. In terms of storyline: Revan.
  5. Faster communication and transportation tends to make the world (and presumably the galaxy) smaller. I suppose in a universe where you can get anywhere on a planet within minutes, and your movement on that planet can be traced just as easily, if you're in trouble on that planet the best thing to do would be to leave it.
  6. I hadn't heard of the "Kashyyyk patch", but after reading about it, I'm even more determined not to return to SWG. This "patch" costs $25, and includes Jump to Lightspeed, which I paid good money for and newcomers can apparently now get for free. I'm sure as hell not going to support a company that treats it's customers like that.
  7. That's a joke, right? Hasn't anyone taken Visas to Onderon? Specifically, to your first meeting with Kavar? "This cantina is infested with life. A few well-place grenades may clense it." She has similar responses to just about every kind thing you do as far as I can tell. On my "Violent Sociopaths of KOTOR" scale, I'd rank her just behind HK-47. If you like that kind of thing, cool. Just be sure that you like the character for what she actually is. As for the original poll question: The Exile. Kreia is too old, Atris is too stuck-up, Vash is too bit-part, Visas has only half her face visible, I haven't played using a male exile yet, so I have no idea about the Handmaiden, Luxa and the Twin Suns are too alien, and Talia has a weird accent. The Exile's only competition is Mira, but I think the Exile is a better character.
  8. Used to, but got bored with it and quit.
  9. I suppose one out of five ain't bad. The others might or might not turn out to be the case, but they're not facts. You might want to check your definition of that word. KOTOR 2 had some flaws, true, but it wasn't a bad game. Star Wars fanboys are just whiney. Don't feel bad though, most fanboys are. Lastly, if you hate the game so much, why do you come back here?
  10. HK47 makes this claim. I wouldn't be so sure that the HK50's have the same limitation. HK47 was unique. One of a kind. HK-50's there's tons of them. There's no reason they shouldn't be able to kill off a malfunctioning HK droid or an HK droid that stands in the way of performing their mission. Look at the two protocol droids in the Hutt's warehouse. The older droid works with T3 to see to it that his replacement meets his end. I'd imagine that HK50's view HK47 as inferior version of them and decided to decomission that droid. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> But they are an exact duplicate of him, although mass produced, he could no more harm them as take a blater to himself, which I suspect works both ways. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> They're obviously not exact duplicates, since HK-50s talk differently. Also, I believe HK-50 (the one on Peragus) said that it can translate over six thousand languages, where HK-47 tells you that he can only translate six hundred. They may be physically identicle, but clearly there are some changes in the programming. There's no reason to think that there weren't changes in the self-preservation systems as well. And no, cut dialogue doesn't count.
  11. Exile: Single violet. Atton: Single yellow. Bao-Dur: Single blue. Mira: Single purple. Kreia: Single (obviously) green. Disciple: Double green. Visas: Double blue.
  12. Visas isn't particularly good looking (even for a collection of pixels), but I think her character is kinda interesting. First option fits my opinion best. She's a refreshing change from the usual female Jedi type.
  13. There are a couple of female exile portraits that fit that description. Albinos have red eyes. The Handmaiden is just blonde, pale blue eyed and doesn't get much sun.
  14. It wouldn't. Fortunately, that has nothing to do with KOTOR 2.
  15. In order for it to be a great game, no. In order for it to be a true sequel to KOTOR, yes. If they make another Star Wars RPG with a similar gameplay and storytelling style to KOTOR but completely independant of that series, and made no mention of Revan or the Exile, that would be fine by me, but if they're going to bill it as a sequel to KOTOR, it should actually be a sequel. Yes. If the events or characters of the previous game(s) don't at the very least influence the story or characters of the new one in a meaningful way, it's not a sequel. It's fine if they introduce a new player character, new party characters and new storylines, but if it's going to be a true sequel, there needs to be a strong tie-in to the other games in the series. Last I checked, there were around twenty main characters in the KOTOR series. There are two that happen to be at the center of the casts, but they haven't been focusing on just those two.
  16. To address the original topic of this thread: To me, suggesting that you get rid of continuity is just like suggesting that we get rid of plot and characters. If you're going to make a sequel, make a sequel. Pick up on the characters and tell a continuation of their story. Otherwise don't pretend the new product is related to the last one. If I were the one making KOTOR 2, I'd have put the player back in the shoes of their character from the last game. The dialogue choices would determine what happened in the last game and what old characters appear (much like in the actual KOTOR 2). The NPC party members would be a combination of new and old characters, and I'd simply ignore the complaints about why the characters are level 1 again, as if the level system had anything to do with the storyline. As it stands, I think KOTOR 2 is an acceptable compromise in this regard. It has enough returns and cameos to be a true sequel with enough new material to stand on it's own.
  17. You'd think so, wouldn't you? From looking around this forum, and the ones at KOTOR2.com, it seems that's not the case.
  18. Pandering to the stupid, huh? It's sad that this seems to be needed.
  19. There are valid reasons to dislike KOTOR 2, but most of these ones are just idiotic, so I'm not gonna bother.
  20. No. Let the player choose Revan's (and the exile's, if necessary) identity.
  21. Considering that he was in KOTOR II, no I wasn't surprised.
  22. I'd hate to be the pessimist here, but I think I should point out that "content patch" could mean anything. Sure, it could be what the majority of us want, filling in the plotholes, restoring the HK factory subquest, fixing the ending so that it makes some semblance of sense and is somewhat dramatic, or it could be just a couple of extra lightsaber crystals. The moral of the story: Don't get your hopes up.
  23. The Exile. Although I haven't played the game with a male player character yet, so this is just between the Exile and Mira. Although I really wish Kreia would try it on. Hot stuff! I just know someone with a higher-brain-function deficiency will take that last line seriously.
  24. wtf are you talking about? i dont mind a good story however it's told but this story and dialog has a lot of problems. i even exited the game every once in awhile to take a break from the bad dialog. i'll give you another example: you're flying to the northern cap of telos which happen to have hk50's patrolling in the area (even though they say your ship if you landed it outside of the shielded areas would be eaten by the atmosphere, these hk50's without any kind of ship seem to be fine. this shielded area is even bigger than the other place but it barely registers on the sensors) when you get shot down. the crew is thrown through the front of the ship and as they finally get up they see the ones who obviously shot them down. now my first dialog option is something like "why did you shoot us down" or equivalently lame. second option is "what are you doing out here". its bad enough that they were too lazy to think of a decent way to meet/recruit baodur and then go to the telos acadamy that they had your ship shot down twice. (they never explain why the lasers shot at me even though i helped cerzka) the hk50's should never have even been there but if even if they were there should be no dialog from the pc to the hk50. they shot you down, that means kill on sight not lets talk about it. wtf other reason could he possibly be thinking of that these droids shot him down? the hk50's dialog is not much better. one of them got killed by a practically unarmed jedi with no powers. how can they think they have the upperhand now? and about about the stuff hk47 said about killing jedi, if they are from his programming why dont they use any of his advice like not fighting a jedi head on with blasters? and btw, stop using more blank space than actual words. its really annoying. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I'd have to agree with him. Stick to more "straight forward" games.
  25. You're oging off of a false assumption here. The exile does remember Malachor V and the Mass Shadow Generator. Neither are meant to be revelations. They're new information to the player, not the players character. You (the player) knew that the exile had destroyed Malachor V and killed everyone and everything on it. The instrument you used to do that is ultimately unimportant.
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