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  1. Sure, I'd recommend it. The graphics, dialogue, and gameplay are essentially the same as KOTOR 1's. The only place they differ is the storyline, which is a bit different. Better in some ways, worse in others. The planets are Peragus, Telos (Carth's homeworld), Nar Shadaa, Dantooine, Koriban, Dxun, Onderon and Malachor V (also mentioned in the first game). The Sith have changed tactics since KOTOR 1. Now they're hunting down the Jedi guerilla-style, instead of waging open war. They're also using new Force powers to do it, the ability to feed on their victims connection to the Force, using this ability to whipe out whole planets. The few surviving Jedi, defenseless against this power, have gone into hiding, hoping that their attacker will believe he's won, and reveal himself openly to they can fight him directly. You play an exiled former Jedi that's been wandering the edges of known space for 10 years. The Jedi council has stripped you of your connection to the Force (or so you think) as punishment for crimes you comitted during the Mandalorian wars, serving under Darth Revan. Circumstances wind up sending you back to the known galaxy just as your power is mysteriously starting to return. You're out to confront the past by facing the Jedi that exiled you, and find the source of the Sith attacks and stop/join them.
  2. I haven't been to this forum in a while, so sorry if I missed something, but who said anything about Revan and/or the Exile being "blue glowies"? Who said anything about them being the only characters? And who said anything about the entire game involving nothing but fighting the Sith?
  3. What would mine be? Green. That's also the color I usually gave Revan when I played KOTOR 1. However, in KOTOR 2 I usually give my character a violet bladed lightsaber to distinguish her from Revan.
  4. I suppose it's possible for a female character to accidentally kill her or fail to break through Malak's brainwashing of her, but with a male character it's almost impossible to kill Bastila unless you really want to, which is a pretty glaring inconsistency with the whole concept of the player character being not-evil. Obsidian wasn't unreasonable in assuming that Bastila survived just about any "light side male" KOTOR 1 game.
  5. Just now noticing this, huh? You must be new. Welcome to the KOTOR community.
  6. In terms of storyline: Revan. In terms of gameplay mechanics: Exile.
  7. If that's the case, then I'll change my answer. I'll only buy KOTOR 3 if it comes out on PC. The vast majority of console games suck. It would be beyond stupid to buy a console just for the four or five decent games made for it.
  8. I found the Disciple to be slightly more tolerable. I found the Handmaidens willingness, even eagerness to wrestle your character in her underwear to be grating. There's no point to it other than to inspire juvenile masterbation fantasies. Her eagerness to dance for a Hutt in skimpy clothing just because you told her to is also disturbing. These things might be somewhat tolerable if she wasn't so damn ugly, but alas, she is. I guess the Disciple wins by default.
  9. I've never really been into RPG's, so I didn't give KOTOR much thought until a ton of people whose opinions I respected recommended it. I admit that Star Wars was a selling point, and I found the premise of a story set in ancient times (relative to the movies) to be somewhat interesting, but it was word of mouth that convinced me to buy it. So my answer to the poll is yes.
  10. Revan's an artist. He has only one name. Same with Malak.
  11. I'd want to know more about it first. If they do as the loud, incomprehensible minority on these forums suggests and ditch the current setting offering little or no closure on characters and storylines from 1 and 2, then no I won't buy it. If I buy a game called KOTOR 3, I expect it to be a sequel to KOTOR 1 and 2. If it's not, then that's false advertising and I'm not going to bother with it. If KOTOR 3 promises a conclusion or continuation to the previous games, then yeah I'll definetely buy it.
  12. No. Neither player characters should have one definitive gender, alignment or appearance. It should remain up to the individual player. If in the unlikely event that they made a KOTOR movie, Revan should be female. That might make the revelation more surprising to the uninitiated.
  13. I think a KOTOR prequel dealing with the Mandalorian Wars, and Revans fall to the dark side is a worth-while story to tell, but not in the same format as KOTOR 1 and 2. The fun of these games are that you control the actions and the destiny of the player character, at least to a certain extent. That's impossible to do with a KOTOR prequel. Revan's fate up until the Endar Spire has been sealed and nothing can change it. They'd have to go with a different approach in order to tell that story. Perhaps a first person shooter (or would that be third person hacker?) like Jedi Outcast, except with the player character variable gendered and with a choice of all of the KOTOR 1 faces.
  14. I think if I need a lightsaber fix I'll just play KOTOR 1 and 2 again rather than waste my time on that crap.
  15. yoda died at 923 years old,Revan is 4000 years ago,can you do the math for this one brainiac? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> you under-estimate the force my friend, and easy on the flames. My guess is that is Yoda's master , its probably the makes the most sense. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> In what world does that make sense? Palpatine's a Sith (if anyone acts surprised and bitches about spoilers, I'm going to slap them for being so stupid). Why would he want to train one of the best of the Jedi? That's putting aside the obvious age issues. The person that trained Yoda is just some long-dead, nameless Jedi. What's more, he or she isn't important to the story and his/her name doesn't matter.
  16. Last time I checked, episode 3 hadn't been released yet. I read the novelization though. The novel itself is okay, but due to time constraints, a lot of it is going to be cut in the movie. I almost suspect that the movie will just be one lightsaber fight after the other after the other with only a minimal pretense of a plot in between.
  17. Revan was his/her real name, as evidenced in the Korriban flashback scene. Malak referred to him as Revan, even though he was a Jedi at the time. Presumably the same goes for Malak and Bandon. Different Sith for a different time.
  18. No. Revan isn't a Skywalker. Not everything in Star Wars needs to be connected. Besides, tracing a family's lineage back 4,000 years is kinda pointless. You could walk up to some random stranger on the street, and he'd probably be more closely genetically related to you than a direct ancestor from 4,000 years in the past.
  19. This may be a point where the game is looking for a specific outcome and won't let you proceed until it gets it. You have to kill the Kreia aparition, either through siding with your friends or through being apathetic. Either that or the Kreia aparition should disappear when you kill Atton, Bao-Dur, T3, and the Disciple/Handmaiden and this is bugged. On a slightly related note: When I played through with a male PC and came to that scene, the Handmaiden showed up, but she talked with the Disciple's voice. Is that just a random glitch, or does it do that for everyone?
  20. Malachor V is mentioned in KOTOR as the site of the final battle of the war. Canderous tells you flat out that Malachor V is where the war ended. He makes no mention of where, when or how Revan killed Mandalore. That part, at least, you're correct on. Mandalore may have died at Malachor V, killed by a trap Revan had set, and so Revan gets the credit/blame. Revan may have killed Mandalore in a lightsaber/sword battle before Malachor V. No way to tell. There's no inconsistancy here. There may be an inconsistancy involving HK-47s construction and his failed attempt to kill Mandalore. If there is, it's also an internal inconsistancy in KOTOR 1. HK says clear as day that he was built after Revan and Malak began their war to conquer the galaxy, at which point, according to Canderous, Mandalore would already have been dead.
  21. Hell no. If it's crucial to the story, it should either have been in from the start or be included in a free download. If they were making an expansion pack for the usual $25 with a whole new storyline and series of locales, and that expansion also happened to restore some of the cut content in the original KOTOR 2, then I'd consider it. Honestly, the number of "yes" votes I see is disturbing. What's wrong with you people? Do you want to encourage developers to gouge you like that?
  22. There is no major inconsistancy here. The fleet at Malachor V was one of the Republic's fleets, not the entire thing. Just because that fleet was on the verge of defeat doesn't mean that the entire war was going badly for the Republic.
  23. After all the alluding they did in KOTOR II, they'd better. Although they sure as hell shouldn't be "godly beings of pure evil and chaos" or some other annoying cliche like that.
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