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  1. There are other party members aside from Visas and Handmaden? if I use anyone else it is kreia or mandolore
  2. my first time playing it thru I had all the jedi accept kreia as far light as they could go (beam behind them and clouds at there feet with little snow flake deals falling from the sky) and everyone else in the party one step below except mandolore who was two.
  3. Orange is my favorite color and im very sad how it turned out in the game. It is anoying to look at so I dont have a orange saber, but I got my first orange crystal on dant, second on kori. Im fond of the silver, and I havent recieved a gold yet. I also like the veridian green as a back up.
  4. and the issue wasnt that jedi were to strong, but the fact that they abused the power by camping people they shouldnt have. I wasnt one of the Lib's screaming for a Jedi nerf, but for them to fix the system. Anyone who devoted that much time, wether grindding or casual, deserves the jedi slot... and for SW accuracy they deserve power. Everyone deserves there own opinions but SWG is flat out one of the best mmorpg's ever. That doesnt mean it is the top dog, WOW or FF may be above it but it deserves more respect than what many are giving it. Im sure no one cares about yalls opionion of it, obviously you arent giving them money so they care nothing about you. The guy above me knows what h is talking about, the jedi issue has been fixxed... but it could have been better but it is fixxed. If they die they notice it but thankfully for them there are Doc's in the game who can rez. They can get around the weekend worth of grinding the xp if they try. Gringding is fun for me but doesnt have to be for you. I dont do one lair over and over, but go to POI's and caves. I interact with others and have a life unlike many of yall who are flaming the game and have a better understanding of it. It is sad that they no longer ofer the free trial because the majority of the people flaming have never even tried it. people who play EQ2 now can play SWG for free if they have the disc. Is it really that hard to spend 10$ on EBAY, or 20$ at your local target to try a game that many people love... and many people who dont know jack hate?
  5. omg I didnt know anyone hated this game... but there is a simple answer. I bet the majority of you were on crowded servers, I play on a less crowded server where we all know each other and o forth. There arent to may jedi, and NO ONE exploits. It is a very fun game, skill does matter... just there isnt aton of variaty because there are only 4 or 5 templates people use for PvE and PvE is similar. But it still PwNs any other game I have ever played. They are always adding new content to the game, and if you started now you would get to play it the way it is before the come out with with the CURB (major changes to the game.) There is endless things to do, you just have to look. Time is not a matter unless you feel like you should be playing all the time to get the 15$ a month out of it. There is a free trial offer for 2 weeks that you can use, it is on the mian website. I would recomend trying either the Valcyn, or Tarquinas servers. DO NOT go to a serer that starts with the letters A-f for they are packed and over crowded with Jedi and exploiters which just makes the game no fun. Also the space action is just as fun as any other game. You could try your hand as a merchant/crafter and make credits to just customize the gameplay to use what you want. There are many professions to chose from to aid in the Galactic civil war. I do have to say that the war isnt very strong between Players on the smaller servers, so if you wanted more PvP try a larger server but I still say that a Small server is a better experiance. interaction is the best part of the game. Between the Forums, Guilds, and In game stuff you will meet people that you could call "friends." You can make a town, furnish your house, or lead others as you wish. I sometimes log in just to chat with my guild. Most guilds are very close, and go on large hunts or Camp loot spots as a whole. Just the whole enviorment of the game makes it what it is, and dont jusde it till you have tried it thru the trial. Once you get the trail make sure that you ask around to get into a guild during that time to enhance the experiance of it.
  6. lol you should come back and try all the new changes if you haent already. Also with the CURB and Kasshyk patch coming out it will be a whole new game.
  7. Though there would be people in there im trying to stick with Star Wars Gamers due to the fact that we are so much better than everyone else = D
  8. I do, Valcyn Server... and will be for life
  9. I do, Valcyn Server... and will be for life
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