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  1. Death Star, it would blow the poopie out of the Star Forge
  2. Darth Revan!!! He is da best!!! Most powerful ever!!!
  3. I voted Kavar, he seemed to still like the Exile the most.
  4. I don't know...I got the impression Atris wasn't the brightest bulb in the bunch..... "
  5. I liked Taris about 1,000,000,000,000 times more. The ONLY thing holding me back from playing K2 again is, of course...PERAGUS... ... <_<
  6. No TWO double-bladed lightsaber selection...I'm disappointed . LoL, I am jus' kiddin', I voted Two Lightsabers :D
  7. I'd say I am most like Jolee and Atton, I'm sarcastic, humerous, don't always give people a straight answer...and I used to kill Jedi when I was allied with the Sith...lol j/k about that last one
  8. I'd say either a Scorpion or some other animal like that... :ph34r:
  9. I am not the only one for SURE, but I also mde this same poll a wheil back, then I voted Green, this time I voted Silver,...I have never even seen Cyan or Bronze, closest to those I've seen is Blue, and Orange.......
  10. I want my lightsaber back from Atris...NOW!!! Then I'd pick different animations for lightsaber forms, then customizable lightsaber...
  11. Alright, thanks for all your help :D EDIT: Darn, when I upload image it goes to 'Page Cannot Be Found'...
  12. OK thanks, but what is image URL, I just have it saved in 'My Pictures', I'll mess around with it then...
  13. OK< I have a question about my siggy, how do I put a picture on my signature? I have one I saw but can't figure out how to do jack-squat with the signature...PLEASE HELP ME!!!
  14. At the Trayus Academy I did Force Storm on a group of enemies, and then the door behind them opened and a buncha more enemies ran up, and they were damaged by the Force Storm too. And another time in Trayus Academy I did Battle Meditation and then some enemies ran through the door, and they were affected by it...
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