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  1. 1. You can't 2. After chasing them out of the Czerka office, you'll find them on Telos's restoration zone. Kill them then return to Dol Grenn after you get the Ebon Hawk back.
  2. ^ That's right. Bastilla specifically says that the council re-programmed Revan with a mind loyal to the Republic.
  3. I always thought that Kriea brought Nihilus & the Exile together so that the Exile could destroy him and she would partly have her revenge for Sion & Nihilus betraying her. Nihilus is going to be weaker from a story point of view because he is tricked into coming to Telos where there are no force users for him to feed on. As for Visas, she has a link to him, so I'd assume that if Nihilus drained her he would harm himself. (Spotty I know, but so is the whole force bond thing.)
  4. Without wishing to turn this into an advertising thread, If the forums do close, and anybody's looking for a place to go AC has recently expanded it's content to include KotOR & NwN. It's a growing, friendly community and anybody from here is more than welcome. AC
  5. Indeed, the PS:T NPC's have the most depth out of any RPG I've played.
  6. I personally didn't mind Nihilus's background being so vague, in his case it suited the character. Though a Malachor flashback would have been great.
  7. Get PS:T if you want another RPG, but as your not getting on with BG2 you might want to try IWD as it's far less story orientated.
  8. It's quite a famous book about punctuation.
  9. In the Prima guide, it has the walkthrough for fighting Atris/Traya (same model) on Telos.
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