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  1. The game just didn't recognize that you had visited and "cleared" the area. So your act of walking (probably over some small space that you hadn't walked on before) alerted the game that the area was successfully cleared.
  2. I have to say, as an Exile/Atton fan, I still really love the idea of Exile and Malak (pre-Jedi Civil War, of course). Lovely drawings!
  3. This is another one of the situations where I have to wonder...is this more of a Star Wars game or an RPG game? I tend to think of it in terms of the former, being that I myself am a hardcore Star Wars fan and that's really the only reason why I played Kotor 1 and 2. I'm not an RPG-gamer by any means. That being said, I have to ask: Did you play Kotor 1? If you did, then you could have expected that characters in the Kotor universe are rarely player-driven (other than the obvious choice between the Light and the Dark Side). You play as a character that was created for you, be it Revan or the Exile. I know it can be frustrating given that many other RPG's probably allow you to create unique characters of your own imagination, but that's just not the way it works in these games. However, I do agree with you in your frustration that, much of the time, you were required to pass judgment on your past actions before you even knew what those actions were. EDIT: This is really insulting. If you want people to treat your opinions with respect and respond in kind, don't say things like this.
  4. Also, there should be an entry in your journal that talks about what you need.
  5. Actually, those have already been mentioned in the thread.
  6. Aurora Von. And the head I used should be obvious. My screenname is actually the name of my DS Female Revan from Kotor 1. I didn't want to use Aurora Von on these forums though because there was already a prominent poster (Aurora, obviously).
  7. Peragus. Hey, somebody had to say it! Nar Shaddaa.
  8. Cool robes is really a matter of opinion. There are just as many people out there who prefer the Dark Jedi robes to the Jedi ones. As for your claim that "every party member is influenced with good acts", Atton is just as easily influenced with Dark Side acts, so it's not entirely true. And Xacharia, the Dark Side corrupts. It corrupts your soul, and your living flesh. I found the K2 Dark Side transitions to be a vast improvement on those in K1, they more closely resembled Sidious from the films. Were you expecting to look like a beauty queen/king? You can't tread so deep in the Dark Side and not have the exterior match the evil within.
  9. Who in their right minds would ever choose Bastila's mother as the best story arc?
  10. In case anyone still doubts this, there's other evidence as well. On Dxun Canderous/Mandalore declares to Kreia that "Clan Ordo still lives!" Canderous's last name was Ordo.
  11. Technically, if you have enough influence with her, she has changed to the Light Side. Other than that, yes there is more with her...but it's not until later in the game (I don't know how far along you are).
  12. I'm hoping this isn't your first time through the game. If so, it's pretty disappointing that you would use the SGE and cheats.
  13. Have you had massive influence with Visas and Handmaiden at the same time? Because if so, the Visas influence may overshadow Handmaiden's or cancel them both out. Handmaiden needs to be higher, I'm pretty certain. And no, it has very little if at all to do with HK influence because I've never had high influence with him.
  14. Contrary to what you may have thought, killing Saquesh and the guards is actually a Light Side thing to do. Just talk to him, choose the [intimidate] option, and have at 'er.
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