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  1. good...we made a hot topic out of zis vone! Since I don't want to search the topics...which game did you find better the 1st or the 2nd k, and y?
  2. I was wondering how fast u would answer...u were quite slow this time
  3. thnx! I am not new btw...when the game appeared I finished it in 4 days, then spent posting for like a month Didn't post mutch, because I formulated my opinions in really long texts, which for many was boring, and many missed my point...eventually I quit posting, but still read, these comments however could not go unnoticed. Thnx for the respect. Hope to see some of your posts...
  4. I think you really missed the point. If played light side (haven't finished it ds yet)she dies with purpose, with the same purpose she had when living and manipulating everyone. She wanted to make the exile free of the influence of the force. She explained this in the end, she also loved the exile, as a mother loves a child, she was enlightened, and there was more philosophy in her words and teachings than in the teachings of any other SW character (including the movies). Her death was an inevitable act in the exiles evolution, it made the exile more mature. She thaught important lessons about life, philosophies borrowed in part from Nietzche, I wouldn't go as far to name them DS. I felt sorry when she died, as I pointed out before, she was the most complex character in the whole SW universe, in comparison to her Malak was 2D. If kotor 3 ever gets to see the light of day, I hope they will create a character at least as complex as she was.
  5. Kreia was indeed stripped free of the force, but not by the council, but by Nihilus, whereas the Exile gave up the force, by his own will. Regarding the original question: I believe Kreia was not disturbed by the fact that Revan fell, she actually agreed, on a logical plane anyway, with all that was done by Revan. Kreia made coneections all the time, very deep connections, I couldn't call them bond, because they are not necessarely related to the force, these connections, well, they could be called love, such a love that a mother has for her child. Kreia had no problem with Revans choices, she felt lonely because Revan parted ways with her, even though she approved of his choices. And this loneliness she felt drove her to be the Exiles teacher, and she was happy to die by the Exiles hand, for untill the moment of her death she felt close to him, and she was truly proud.
  6. I only played LS so I wouldn't know about how difficult beating Vrook is, but I see people had most difficulty with him. I had no problem killing anyone, sadly. From the series Malak is still the hardest to beat (I ran around a lot, but succeded eventually). I found Traya easy to beat: I had a double bladed lightsaber, best possible upgrades I found (including the crystal I got in exchange for the open visa on Onderon), master speed, master valor, master battle meditation, inspire followers III, and I was lvl 17 sentinel/10 master. The hardest for me in k2 was beating the twilek mercenaries with Atton, who was not even close to becomming a Jedi then, that was a lot harder than any Mira/Hanharr conflict.
  7. It is hard however to determine what she deserved, after all she can easily pass as one of the best characters of the SW saga, and players could really connect despite the fact that she was manipulative, and arrogant at times. Players, I believe, praise what she represents: a milestone in npc and story creating.
  8. I agree, we did kind of say the same things... btw did you like the movies? or what do you think, which's story is better: kotor or the movies? or can they even be compared?
  9. I believe that at the base of our difference of opinions lies a different type of interpretation of the force and fate. Easily put: you like to explain the phenomena via comparisons ( analogies ), whilst i try to explain things in a global scientific way. I do wonder however if GL ever thought this much about his universe as the people on this forum do?...and should i dare: does he understand his universe best?
  10. I never stated there was no choice. I wrote my opinions about freedom-will relation (Nietzsche), and in accordance with that there is choice, and there is choice above all else. As Satr stated us humans allways have choice, even in the most extreme of situations, just that some choices have as consequence scenarios that the choice maker does not want to accept. I almost accept this theory, the difference is that every persons reality and fate is determined by a lot of other (present based) factors, that have no connection to the choices of the person in question, as most obviously this person's actions are factors for other persons' fates. So fate, and the future events to come are mutch like a wave of circumstance, and as you stated in motion, and it is a lot easier to just go with it. The will of the force is like a stronger wave in the SW universe.
  11. And yes it is against human nature, as experienced in the real world
  12. I do try to scientificate (i do wonder if such word exists) the force, but it is easier for me to interpret it this way. The force has a will, but i never said it is concious, it is just trying to balance, and this process of forever balancing is majorly uneffected at a global level by the concious will of those connected to it.
  13. I accept your analogy, but i have a different vision of the Force-exile relation During the games and the movies, the force was explained many times, never before as something so complex as in k2. The force is a very controversial thing. During the games it was said the force has a will of its own, and that it has three major sides: l, or d, or simply the absence of it. Of course the will of the force might compromise the free will of life (by life I mean all kind of aware life: Jedi, and simple humans as well), that means that characters, have no real choice, and this is untrue, for the games are all about your choice. To give an explanation to this, I might say, that Nietzsche
  14. I was a bit tired to explain what i really think about kreia, but here goes... Kreia had two important goals in my vision. She wanted power, and what other is power, than the possibility to truly decide, to have freedom of choice. The more areas you can influence, the more power you have; the problem only is, if the force has a will so powerful, then you will never be able to have true power. She saw an undoing of this rule, she saw the true wound in the force: the exile. She immediatly realised that the exile is not bound to the force, and he is not so by his own free will ( this is the difference between Nihilus and the exile ). Only the exile could become truly powerful; and the exile represented that what she could never be. Afterwards as a parent who wants his/her child to overcome them she taught the exile, because she loved him, as a mother loves a child. She also used him, but her main goal was to carve something out of the exile that she could never become. The reason why she knew she would have to be slain by the exile, is that the exile needed no weakness after venturing to the unknown regions, and at the moment of her death she could be truly proud of her pupil, the greatest she ever trained, and she could die knowing that her greatest has not left her, like the others did. The world of KotOR is truly amaising because of Kreia: finally we have a "not so evil" sith lord, finally we can view this world in colours, not in plain black and white! If we wern't discussing about jedi, I'd just say, she's human too.
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