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  1. You mean he *wasn't* genderless? Wow, I will have to play that again. "
  2. Huh... there was much the same discussion over at LoN (which is Ladies of Neverwinter... a site that is supposed to support and promote female gamers) when Jade Empire rolled out last week. The men *again* get a choice between two woman to romance. A male PC can be gay and choose to romance one male NPC. The first problem arises here, because this romanceable-by-a-male-gay NPC does double duty. He is also the only choice for a female PC to romance. So not only do the woman only have the one choice, but also under other circumstances, he could be gay. There *is* a lesbian romance in the game as well, if someone is interested in playing that out. But what really seems to through people for a loop, is that you have the opportunity to romance *two* NPCs (one male and one female, if you are a female PC and two females, if you are male). Woo-hoo! Some of the ladies were shocked and upset.. fireworks, I tell! Now... keep in mind that everyone gets a "kiss" scene (I beleive), but after the fade to black you wake up alone in your bed. So you don't *see* anything, really. And I think with the three-way, you don't even get a kiss scene. We have also been told that it is really, really hard to trigger the three-way and that you have to also really work at the gay romances... or at least to trigger them. So no one will be walking into any of these without fully knowing what they are doing. I just found it rather funny that no one seems to have a problem with causing massive death and distruction whereever we go, but let a PC engange in a little hanky-panky with two of the NPCs that you don't even get to *see* and all hell breaks loose. I actually really enjoyed chaotic neutral Anomen. He was a lot of work in the beginning, but he shaped up into a wonderful character. Valen was... yummy. And Carth... *drools* Bao-Dur rcoked my world and I am enjoying Sky (from Jade Empire... who is everything that Atton should have been and wasn't!) So... if Bioware doesn't do a good romance... the who does? I mean, a nicely written romance in an RPG is like getting an extra meatball on your pasta. It's nice to have, but you can have a wonderful meal without one! But I was just wondering. I just have seen the Bioware romances getting better and better... working out the kinks with each new game, as it were. As for the un-even-ness of male to female options... we asked the devs of Jade Empire this. We were told that their target aduience is something like 95% men and 5% woman. I think that those numbers are a bit skewed, but that gives you an idea how the industry thinks. Looking at those numbers, it is a wonder that female gamers are ever considered at all! As for the squee-licous David Gaider... I have got to hand it to the man. He asks a lot of great questions and really seems to listen to the answers. He seems to be a very "available" guy... posting far more than I would think that a man in his position would have time for. Oh... and not *all* of the females in those games were lame! My PC rocked!
  3. Oh... I know there are! But there are just as many or more that think that his NPCs make gaming for woman just that much more enjoyable. Wow... I post over at LoN and I have never been called a feminist before. But, I agree that that site isn't for every female gamer out there. I know quite a few who hate it there... but then I know several who hate it here, too! Can't please everyone. *shrugs* I am curious though as to how you think LoN is feminist or, maybe more importantly, how you are using the word, Nightcleaver.
  4. Thank goodness you set Nur Ab Sal straight, Vol... or I was going to have to. *polishes Gaiderite Fangirl badge* LoL... seriously though, the man is very appraochable and spends quite a lot of his free time posting and communicating with people who play his games. He could weigh 400 pounds and be bald as a billard ball and woman gamers all over would stay lay themselves at his feet. Hey! Deekin was extremely funny! (w00t) But if he wasn't to your taste... how about HK? He wrote HK in something silly like 2 days! David Gaider is a genius, imho. (Not that I am biased! *covers Gaiderite badge* " ) As for ruining Bastila... she was annoying yes... just as annoying as Aribeth, but ruined? I don't see it. And sexist? That just makes no sense whatsoever! I am a woman and neither of those characters make me feel icky! In fact, he has created some of the most squeelicous male NPCs of all time! *cough*VALEN&CARTH*cough, cough* I feel that he has helped the plight of female gamers all over the world by making the games far more enjoyable to our feminie sides!
  5. *heartbreak* <{POST_SNAPBACK}> He loved me, too! I mean... ummm... he loved the Exile, too. Yes... that is what I meant. The exile. *forced laugh* That is what I meant. Not me. Ummm... right. :"> "
  6. I made Mira a Jedi so that she wouldn't get her behind handed to her by Hanharr on Mal V.... and that's it. I never took her out of the boat once I had the influence to make her a Jedi. I level her to have force-wave so that she can knock him down and stun him long enough to hack him to little Hanharr shaped bits. Now, Bao-Dur ... he is just an all around perfect stud-muffin! He has all those lovely skills... he has the super sexy voice... he is singualry devoted to his "General"... he rocks as a melee fighter... AND he is cute as a button. Okay, I horned, fissured button... but a botton none the less! "
  7. Well... a female Exile goes from that ugly one piece thing to a black body-suit with a blood red stripe... and no red sneakers. Makes me want to DS even more.
  8. Oh... for those with hubbies, boyfriends or little ones running around... headphones! " Although, my hubby and the little ones were looking at me like I had lost my mind becuase I was laughing so hard. :D
  9. Nope. I was in Junior High for the original release... everyone wore Star Wars costumes for Halloween that year. I wanted to be Princess Lea and was stuck with Raggedy Anne... *shakes fist* He might have an idea in mind that it would be a trilogy or trilogies... but it was more a pipe dream and there was no concrete plans... just vague ideas. But that was all before George last touch with the public... and reality. Two words.... Jarjar Binks. Oh... and I almost voted for the sexy fishy. You wouldn't be Iridonian , would you?
  10. Got?! Got how? Plooby *meant* it when she suggested it and does not take it back, even if you guys can't handle that a female Jedi and General would be a little aggressive when pusueing that hunk of Iridonian Stud-Muffin. When did I start talking about myself in the third person? And Irein, darlin', you rock! Huge!
  11. Oh... my... goodness! That is the funniest and most squeelicious thing I have heard in a long, long time! Sq-ueeeeeeeeeeee! (w00t) And you are right, this is all Bao-Dur's voice actors fault.
  12. Hatd that stupid thing. I really would have liked the option to have everyone throw his ugly metal hide out of my ship. I talked to him to get his story only... and never took him out to play.
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