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  1. So, erm... no way to read the game's texture files? I'd sure like to have the red swimsuit back.
  2. Am I the only one here who didn't want to start any exclusive relationships with any ladies... but rather wait until I get the chance to see Brianrietta, Visas, Kreia and Mira on their knees while I "unload the cargo" all over their faces? (w00t) Polygamy, makes the universe go 'round.
  3. Alright, someone draw some Kreia hentai for me, plz
  4. Didn't like or hate them much... just hated their orchestral-like talk: MASTER 1: And now you are... MASTER 2: ...empty and blah blah. MASTER 3: We are now going to... MASTER 1: ...do THIS to you!
  5. Lightside. Both KotOR 1 and 2's story made more sense when the main character was a Lightsider.
  6. The female Exile gets stuck with that boring brown suit... what a disappointment. I wish I could find a way to change it back to Revana's sexay red Scoundrel bathing suit... and it seems the current underwear is the same mesh as it, only re-textured...
  7. I just finished Dantooine's Crystal Cave and came back into the Ebon Hawk, but now I can't leave it. Each time I try to exit, it tells me to choose my Party and then after that, the game freezes at that black part just before the Load screen. Anybody got a clue of what's causing the problem?
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