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Favorite Voices

Guest Damar Stiehl

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Bao-Dur probably had the worst voice I've ever heard in any game ever...


I'm not exaggerating either. The guy was a terrible actor, it was embarrassing at times. Plus at times you could barely hear him. It seriously sounded like they got some bum off the street and gave him a bit part in the game. I can't believe anybody would like his voice.

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actually i like Atton

Still Sion The Part On The Harbinger And Now you run in search of the jedi they are all dead save one and they cannot stop the Darkness That is to come(The Way He Says it sounds cool)

and i still like visas voice actress

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Bao-Dur is my favorite! Soft spoken, but with conviction and loyalty. It broke my heart to hear his holo image sending his little remote into Malachor to help me out.


Canderous/Mandalore were/was great.




I really didn't like Kreia's character, but I thought her voice acting was very believable and emotional.

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Kreia's voice was absolutely fantastic. Really, really good delivery.


I liked Atton's voice but that might be because I was biased towards the character.


Sion's voice is also very...soothing, actually.


Zherron - I liked his gravelly voice. Very nice.


And thank goodness there was less Bastila.

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1. Kreia - superb!!


2. Bao-Dur - "I'll take the stupid one who decided to threaten us rather than shoot us when he had the chance." Softspoken manic. :D


3. Visas Marr - Great cut scene intro performance, but ended up one too many dramatic pauses away from scoring higher.


Honourable mentions:

Gerevick (chief salvager thug) - "You must not have heard who I am. Waste another's time, not mine. Someone less important." :ermm:

Captain Riiken (Onderon)

Jana Lorso (Czeka boss on Telos)


Most improved actor: Terena Adare (Dantooine administrator) - Much better in KotOR II. A convincing senator in the making. Was terrible as Bastila's mom in KotOR I.


Least improved actor: Gegorran the Onderon street vendor - Was ok as Mission's brother Griff in KotOR I, but should not have used EXACTLY the same voice in KotOR II. It would have been much better if they would have simply had Griff himself reappear, ending up as an Onderon street vendor 4 years later.


Worst actor: Atris - I hope they saved lots of money on her.



By the way, Sion and HK-47/50 were also performed well, but their voices were so filtered and reprocessed that it ends up rather difficult to compare them with the others.

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1. It's aaaaaaalll about Atton, baby. :ermm:

2. Bao-Dur

3. HK-47

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1. Bao-Dur :(

2. Darth Sion

3. Hk-47 the alltime favourite mean machine!


The overall voice acting in this game and its prequel are awsome and adds that extra feeling to the game that makes me play them over and over again. . :ermm:

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Voice acting is a central part of games like this, and I think KOTOR 2 was quite successful.


Of the many memorable voices my favorites were:


* Kreia: Very good (and one of the main elements in the game considering her central part and the huge amount of lines she had).


* Mandalore: Effective


* Visas: of course. When looking at the nominations she has already received, one can see that the number of people in love with that voice is steadily growing :rolleyes: . No wonder the Handmaiden gets so pissed off.


* HK: Fits as a glove (plus hilarious lines to boot).

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Guest Damar Stiehl
* HK: Fits as a glove (plus hilarious lines to boot).


"Oh, how I HATE that term."

"What, "meatbag"?"

"No, "master". Oh, I said it again!"

"Are you ready to serve me, droid?"

"Yes... master."

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  • Darth Nihilus - You didn't really need subtitles for his few lines to get the message across
  • T3 - A droid that gets both [persuade] and [lie/persuade] in it's dialogue options... Very expressive beeping
  • Kreia - Just too convincing, made the character feel "real"

Honourable mention: Visas - It's just that the My life for your life thingy grew pretty old and annoying halfway through the game. I would have loved a lot more lines and not at least, more varied communication with that one.

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Only three?! That's really hard, but here are my favs:


1. Kreia - Superb voice acting IMO. Made the character very real and believable.

2. Bao-Dur - Just wow.

3. Scion - I really liked the way he delivered his lines, and I was totally intrigued by his character. I'm also a sucker for a Scottish accent. :thumbsup:

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I did not think Visas was all that great.


I did like all of the voice acting and it would be hard to chose a best, and Obsidian should be credited with good taste.


If I picked a favorite I would choose the Handmaiden and Mira (who was lively in her role). I would choose Bao-Dur for the best male voice.


To bad Kevin Michael Richardson did not show up.

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1.) Visas. No, not because it was a 'sexy' voice but because it suited her character's look quite well.

2.) Sion. No, not because it was a 'sexy'... err wait... hehe. Very good voice.

3.) Mira. She did a wonderful job.




These are the best 3 for THIS game which pales in comparison to some others I've played. If you want to hear some good voice acting in other games check these ones out.



Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen2, Soul Reaver 2, and Defiance.

The voices of Raziel and Kain are phenomenal.



Sadly a game came out that beat these guys out (not by much but it did) was the Performance of Jen and Scree in Primal.



The voice acting for both KotOR games were good but they don't make my top 5, that is for sure.

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To bad Kevin Michael Richardson did not show up.


I can't believe the same guy that voiced Jolee Bindo also voiced Johnson, the bartender in Leisure Suit Larry 7. Wow. Now that's range!


1. Kreia

2. Atton

3. (tie) Sion/Handmaiden


Honorable Mention: T3, for improving 1000% over the last game. Like R2, you could tell that those beeps and hums actually meant something.

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