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  1. trask all the way!! lol but i really miss gerlon two finger
  2. looks like everybody trust in palpatine,he' s really evil and nobody really can discover about his plans...but kreia...nobody trust in her words...kreia ,,,is just...forget it, i just hate kreia
  3. consular and sith lord...always the best combination
  4. malak is just so evil...in a battle kreia don't get a chance (sorry for bad english)
  5. mandalore - dont get kill before i tell you
  6. 1 - Darth Sion 2 - Bao - Dur 3 - HK - 47
  7. there's something wrong with Kreia's eyes...just do the first person thing with Keria and you will notice that she see just like Visas, maybe Kreia and Visas are from the same planet? or she just is blid and see trough the force...
  8. just download anything like daemon's tool and get the image ...it plays dvd's too
  9. the guy i'm talking about have some kind of gold armor and a golden helmet too (dan!) he appears to look at the camera , and i'm pretty sure that isn't a Iridorian armor...
  10. robes and hoods is okay for me...but i really dont get the point of the hands in the sleeves
  11. eu espero q alguem compre o jogo ou entao consiga uma versao antes e depois ponha no emule preu baixar...eh ruim d eu pagar nesse jogo hein
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