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  1. http://www.desktopextreme.com/display.asp?...7&category_id=3
  2. Each class has a different way to give feats. But when you get a prestige class, what feats distribution prevails : the one of the first class or of the prestige class ? or a mix of the two ?
  3. "are there any females?" would they look sexier ?
  4. come dude, i'll have this image in my head for all the night. Bad thing
  5. Interdictor rocks (besides they're usefull)
  6. do you also suffer from a highly visible juvenile acne all over your body ?
  7. I'm not sure there's a "community" in France. (well actually i don't care, i squatt english and american community)
  8. i finished the game before reaching 20 and i did i think the very big part of the side quests (i may not have seen the all). So how can i gain more xp points ?
  9. I'm sure Visas is in love with Mandalore
  10. In the cave before the entrance of the deserted academy, there's a place in the back of the cave, after the bridge. What's in there? how to get in ?
  11. you must undo the god mode with all the npc that were with you when you did it
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