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  1. Yoda appears in a holocron during the game(somewhere in the Jedi Enclave sublevel), and it's logical because he is a thousand years old. Also, I doesn't matter what alignment you are at the end of the game. If you are ls you get the lightside power, and if you are dark you get force crush. Finally, I agree when it is said that the only fallen Jedi were Vrook and Atris in the game. Plus, Atris wasn't really a Jedi, because she was trying to restore the order on Telos, but wasn't padawaning.
  2. I never tried a darkside ending. Is that really what happens?
  3. I've never tried weapon master before. Maybe I'll save and try both watchman and weaponsmaster. What is the special force powers for Weapons Master?
  4. Yeah, plus it's slow going and you could easily beat the game at level 36 anyway. I cheated once to get to 50, but realised that it took out all the fun out of the game if you are mass slaughtering twenty dark jedi apprentices with a lightsaber that you shouldn't even have.
  5. Uh oh... Why what happens if you don't remove it? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> HK whines a lot more. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Can he fight? My comment: I think the whole influence thing is good, because it makes the game more realistic, and challenging to meet up to your party's wants. I wish there was a button though to press to hear your party's advice. I also like that what you say effects later in the game, such as seeing Carth and Bastila, etc. Maybe in Kotor 3 there will be the same thing for Kotor 2.
  6. Revan must be lightside. Your own alignment is unimportant. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Does that result in BOTH atton dieing and to see Carth? And where do you get to say if Revan is good or not?
  7. Uh oh... Why what happens if you don't remove it?
  8. Can't figure it out. Can anyone help me on how to get a dancer for the cantina owner on Nar Shadaa if you're a male?
  9. dang... I was just going to guess that the shop keeper was the smuggler, lol... Oh well... Thats what I get for reading the spoilers section
  10. Yoda? There was a holocron in the game (can't remember which) that yoda was talking to one of the masters. Was that really him? Theory: Since the jedi have to survive for episodes 1-6, how do all the jedi get revived at corusant? Probably Yoda went into hiding (again...) and then when the sith went into hiding, he went back to work.
  11. She wants to destroy the force, once and for all. But what I was wondering is if the exile is the last jedi and he goes off on the spaceship at the end of the game, than how do the jedi reform at episodes 1, 2, and 3?
  12. So therefore if Kreia thinks girls are beautiful she's a lesbian
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