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  1. Zaalbaar from KotOR1 a loyal and friendly person to those that respect me but i can "rip your arms off and beat you to death with your own fists) (not literaly) with my temper if you p*** me off
  2. nah keyboard and mouse any day i think if you had a 1st person game and the ability to have a console and a computer on the same network the average pc gamer would frag the average console gamer any day. for a start there is the weapons change (not as bad at all in KotOR though) flicking through all your weapons if someone is charging to close for the rocket / grenade launcher would get you fragged. number keys rule. PC All the way
  3. Lightsabers work by recycling the power when the beam returns to the emitter and only use power when cutting through things I believe they even recharge when switched off so they never "run out of batterys" Lightsabers are just the best weapon
  4. this is going mad here and for those whom say starwars is not real, You are right but we were compairing like with like in a fictional setting. in jrr tolkiens midle earth the numenorian were longer lived (about 500 yrs at numenores peak) and taller (6ft and above) than normal men. (about 5ft 6 and 60 tops). and yes lotr and the other middle earth books are not real as well.
  5. star wars is LightSabers no probs there ist got to be sabers I particuarly love the WHITE blade
  6. well that could have something to do with the capability to build on huge scales. centuries later you had star destroyers at about (Guestamated sizes) 1k, Super Star destroyers at 10km long and the Death Star at about 100km diameter
  7. well when i can i usualy force buff as much as possible so late game attacks are boosted with things like master speed and battle meditation etc
  8. Handmaiden an visas Mar hoping to soon jedi handmaiden and have 5 lightsabers going at once (Visas has 2 weapon as has Handmaiden I am concentraiting on single blade )
  9. Handmaiden and it is so eay to get HER to take her clothes off just spar with her on the ebon hawk
  10. Aww I like Handmaiden and Visas Mar especialy the bounty hunter on my first play through was a bit cold to me HK47 needs a new programming yes and I wish I could dump Go-To too. T3-M4 is usefull at the start then superceeded by Bau-Dur whom is ok and Kreia is a total hag in all ways thats my 2p so my final lign up would be Me Handmaiden (Jedi LS Mastery) and Visas Mar (LS Mastery)
  11. thanks but even after i turned god mode off and needed heal a fiew times later in game Handmaiden was still imortal in game
  12. Ok play through 1 i used cheats and I found it broke 1 part of the game after I used the cheats (Including god code) I could NOT beat Handmaiden in any of her fights so I could NOT turn her into a Jedi. is this normal and the cost of cheating or a bug in the fights triggered by me using cheat codes.
  13. and a whole galaxy to spread it out in and look at the name again and its a big clue STAR FORGE think on that for a moment
  14. No cannonical answer in KotOR3, Knights of the Old Republic 3 should end the series and light Side should be about saving and rebuilding the republic for the 3rd republic (1st republic ends in the sith war caused by the original split in the order, 2nd republic sith war to mandalorian war, 3rd republic KotOR3 to possibly The phantom Menace, 4th Republic then would be the Lea Organa Solo republic/ Luke & Mara jade Skywalker jedi Order)
  15. Anyone you are thinking of converting to Jedi I would keep to Mele/unarmed as most feats transfer to lightsaber (Flurry, power Attack and critical Strike trees and possibly 2 weapon fighting tree for 2x saber or saberstaff)
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