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Favorite Voices

Guest Damar Stiehl

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Actually, I didnt hate Visas' voice, but I think I might be the only one who didn't really care for it. I thought it was alittle out of place sometimes, and I guess I'm just not a kelly hu fanboy/stalker like the lot of you....jk ;-)


Actually I didn't mind Disciple that much, and I think he and Visas are about equal...he pulls off the educated, librarian type of guy, even in a diplomatic noble type of way, maybe he came from a rich family b4 he was hauled to the jedi....he pulls off the Jedi Accent that the old Jedi would have talked better than the Jedi in K1 did...and he pulls it off better than Visas pulls off a confused Sith...tey should have tried a female version of Dooku, rather than pamela anderson seduction quality...


But Here's my 3


1. Kreia-Her Subtleties when she speaks and the way she emphasizes her words are very suspicious and "iffy" borderlining her alignment and always keeping you guessing...(too bad the storyline made it obvious...) but it was just like Senator Palpatine...although we all know he is sidious...because of Emperor Palpatine...his acting was very convincing...and if they had named him Emperor Sidious in the old trilogy, and Senator Palpatine in the new one I think he could have fooled some people...maybe....


2. Sion-Very cool evil voice, very deep cigerette smoking barry white type of evil voice haha....everything Malak wishes he was....


3. Atton- while there were better voice actors than him, I still liked him better, because his delivery was hilarious...he reminds me of some of my favorite comedians, who I base some of my own jokes off of and deliver them the same way, just a goofy sarcastic sleeze ball ;-) and ever since I saw Sin City, I think Atton is even funnier....I just pictured Atton saying "eh? did u see that...went right thru me...ahah eh...any help? " BUT Bao was a close tie, mainly because I keep picturing Christopher Walken, with Horns...and then I think of the SNL cowbell skit....blue oyster cult thing...haha....and I like the interaction between Bao and Atton on Nar Shadda...with the bounty hunters....good stuff

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