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Favorite Voices

Guest Damar Stiehl

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that merchant on Onderon really cracked me up!


but favorite would be Kreia .. perfect match for the character! sufficiently dark and mysterious and hurt, yet with a light touch ..


Visa and Handmaiden were seductive allright! :)


and the others were fine and suited their characters well, not great, but ceartinly not bad!


and while I love HK-47's morbid remarks I absolutley loathe his "Statement:" ..

(his definition of 'love' is one of my favorite game quotes)


I didn't like Bao-dur all that much, he sounded way too artificial for me .. nor the Jedi Masters (except for Vrook he was cool)

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Kreia's actress is simply awesome, not only her voice is very clear and fit well the char, but her acting is also very intense and make the char really live.


other actors are good too, but in my opinion Kreia is simply above them.


I really liked the voice of Bao Dur, calm and expressive and Visas, sad but sensual.

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1. Atton - well, nothing extraordinary, but that's just my type of voice and it matches his character nicely. Really like it.

2. Kreia - just one of the most impressive voices in the game.

3. Sion/Bao-Dur - heh... can't choose between so different and so cool voices

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1. Sion - The delivery of some of his lines in that voice just give me shivers...

2. Bao-Dur - Bao-Dur, yeah, he's just cool with stuff. Was interesting to hear him blow up at Mandalore (Who also did a decent job, just had NO LINES)

3. Kreia - Got the age perfect, incredible job.

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My 3 favorite, in no particular order:

  • Kreia, probably the best voice acting, even if the voice itself wasn't that impressive.
  • Darth Sion. The best (worst?) sounding Sith Lord since Lord Vader himself. And he ain't using no stinkin' breath masks!
  • The HKs. Mocking Query: Coorta, Coorta? Are you dead yet? :D

2- Master Kavar - The only Jedi master that inspired confidence on me

Yeah. The voice actor played Master Uthar in KotOR. A Sith master in K1, a Jedi master in K2, and both pretty damn well played. That says something about the actor.

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1. Atton - Highly underrated performance.


2. Visas - Kelly Hu does an amazing job with this one. Sad but sensual is the perfect desciption.


3. Bao-Dur - classy and surprising performance which transcends the medium.


Kreia was obviously great too and HK but these three are my favorites.

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* Bao Dur - sounds like me. :)


* Sion - Scottish sith lord. :)


* HK's - Just damn good.

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Gotta go with Sion on this one. Creepy and almost emotionless. Suited the charecter perfectly. Kriea was good and I liked the guy who did Kavars voice. :rolleyes:

On official Sith business.


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Only three?

Hmm, I liked Kavar's voice too. His character and that voice provided me with the image of a very wise, collected individual. Kudos! (Actually...I suppose the voices of all of the Masters were well done...:devil:)


I liked Visas Marrs actress too. Kelly Hu definately knows how to work the emotional scale when reading simple dialog lines. I loved how Visas could become so distant and then so in depth when she talked about her past with you. Her little scene involving the M Exile at the end was also priceless.


Sion. He was just creepy enough to fill the role. His scottish accent was clear through his speech too.


Mandalore - I've only seen one other comment on John Cygan - but I was sure as glad as hell to have John back. I always loved the way he portrayed Canderous.


HK - He'll always be a favorite in my book.


And finally, Darth Nihilius. Although we weren't able to understand his Sith dialect, I just found it to be the coolest thing ever (along w/ Sion of course).


The rest of the respective voice actresses/actors were really good too. Just thought these guys deserved some more recognition though. And yes, Zherrgon (sp) had a cool voice too. Kinda creeped me out, but I liked that he was able to have that kind of effect on me.

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