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  1. sounds like you like it the hard way. *meow* hehe. Honestly, I think Vrook is just being an a** because he didn't like the Exile in the first place. He's a whiny jedi master who seems to want to put the Exile in his/her place. Oh yeah, don't get me started on the arrogant part.
  2. Atton. Got to be Atton. HK gets a bit stale after sometime. I didn't feel that about Atton, but then I'm bias. hehe :D
  3. I'll enjoy killing him but there's the option for Atton's saber. hehe. Vrook's a bastard, a royal pain in the a**. Honestly, if I know anyone that annoying in RL, I would have exercise my arm muscle and slap him.
  4. I love Atton, he's my favorite character in the game. I don't mind Disciple but all he talks about is the republic and that's so boring. I wish he has more nice/naughty things to say.
  5. Bastila because I dislike Atris and Mira isn't really that interesting for me.
  6. I love Silver, but it is my second choice after Cyan.
  7. Interesting how Kreia is not on the list, noting that she's female but obviously not attractive enough to reach the list. =) I picked Yuthura. I didnt like any of the other choices, Visas comes a close second. She would have been my vote if she had eyes.
  8. Hmm. you don't get a hologram of Revan. The only one I ever got was that of Carth or Bastila. And you need intelligience to get the dialog option.
  9. *twitches*. Oh my. Its a scandal, officially. Great job at this.
  10. I always thought the cut scene with Kreia and Disciple and Kreia said 'betrayer'. I thought she meant herself since Disciple would have figured out who she was.
  11. Jedi Consolur , Weapon Master THe time I played Jedi Consulor, Jedi Master, Traya fried me. Yeah, didn't have Force Immunity then. Since then, I almost always take a melee class either the first or the prestige one.
  12. I'm sure they'll change their minds when giving labour to a child with horns... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Ewww. that's gross. The thought of it, that is.
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