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  1. Let your weary and grief-stricken heart be laid to rest, fellow worshipper. She cannot be romanced. It is indeed a sad thing, nay, a TERRIBLE thing. A SIN AGAINST HUMANITY. You have a few options you can pursue: 1.) Turn to a life of fast drugs, easy women, hard liquor and terrible crimes. 2.) Forsake your meaningless life and beliefs, then join the CHURCH OF MIRA and help ease the pains of others who are just now coming to the same realization that you have. 3.) Pester the Mod community endlessly. (May be combined with Church Membership!) 4.) Construct a Mira shrine in your room and bu
  2. You, good sir, deserve an applause. I, Malagance, as self-appointed High Priest of the Church of Mira, feel that you have done the community a great service by bringing us these *HAWT* pictures of the lovely redhead. Three cheers for Eisu! And now a humble blessing for the noble deliverer of Mira Fanart: May your threads be protected from flamewars. May your internet connection be protected from catastrophic events. May your computer and scanner be blessed with long life and protection from freak electrical storms. Finally, may the hands through which you deliver this gorgeous
  3. -------------- "Silence dog, you were born for no other purpose but to die by my hand." -Jon Irenicus, Baldur's Gate II -------------- I didn't question why Mira was with me, but now that you bring it up, it is quite intriguing that this was never further explained. As for you, Alaric, considering your "near-perfect memory" (as troublesome as I'm sure it is) I'm surprised that you didn't put it to better use when constructing your argument... I operated under the impression that Jedi didn't hate anyone. You know, the whole 'path to the dark side' thing is a pretty convincing reason
  4. She was weak. Emotionally and psychologically that is. I, in the real world, am not attracted to those who are too weak to be able to stand on their own two feet. I don't like the clingy types that can never let go and live in the past. Those that fear everything, and can't even be clingy in a loyal way (Hi, I'm here to kill you, but now I will serve you!). Visas disgusted me. At the same time, I know that there are many who would find such attributes attractive, but I don't need someone clinging to me to remind myself that I am strong. I'm secure enough to know this, thus I am more at
  5. I don't need easily manipulated DS toadies! I need hotties! -Votes for Mira- And yes, I am well aware that Mira has the staying power of a 12-year old girl in Combat. That's part of the fun!
  6. As usual, I stand by the firey lil' redhead, Mira. I proudly defend her digital honor against the numerous fiends that would vote for -VISAS- *grumble* Great, and Bastila's in this one too. I predict Mira will settle in at 3rd place in this one. *sniffle*
  7. Well, Global. I'm glad you're here to tell me these things, what would I do without your keen insights into the blatantly obvious? First of all, language is irrelevant to the discussion. Let's attack ideas, not grammar and spelling. Second, what were you hoping to prove by your post? So far you seem to be fulfilling the role of irritant, but little else. The fact of the matter is that these kinds of comments have been fielded time and again on this board. This may be difficult to grasp, but: Hate to break it to you, Copernicus, but you aren't the first person to unveil this gre
  8. Can I use this quote? <{POST_SNAPBACK}> I was going to ask the same thing.
  9. Yet here you are, getting mad about someone getting mad. Fascinating. Mind you, I don't have anything against you, given that you appear to be reasonably intelligent and are firey enough to earn my respect. But consider the logic of your actions. At first I dismissed your post as a mindless flame but then I looked at it more carefully and realized that there is a pretty valid point that you're trying to make. Which is: "Why be so angry about this?" Which is a decent question, but your post itself was rather angry in appearance. I don't have anything against angry posts, but this kind of de
  10. For me #1 will always be BG II, David Warner as Irenicus was awesome. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> "You are but a gnat compared to my power!" <{POST_SNAPBACK}> Holy crap yes. David Warner (Irenicus in BG2 and, oddly enough, Chancellor Gorkon in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered country) and Kevin Richardson (Sarevok in BG Series, Jolee in KOTOR1) "You will suffer... you will ALL suffer!" -Irenicus "And now *I* return the favor!" -Fighting Sarevok again in hell in BG2 after you've killed him in BG1... Those are my two favorite voice actors of all time. Ha
  11. I am surrounded by illiterate fools who are not only incapable of reading the original post, but incapable of understanding that they should READ the first post. But by all means, post your inconsequential, off topic fantasy names. I swear I'm interested in reading your numerous, varied, and usually BLATANT RIPOFF names. They're cool!1! And by "cool" I mean (for the most part) completely uncool. I have no problem with posting the results from a formula, but I have no desire to read the words of morons that do otherwise, and who are under the (mistaken) impression that anyone gives a **
  12. Favorites: Mira (That's one FINE polygon-constructed Bounty Hunter. She's feisty. Rawr!) Least Favorites: Handmaiden (The hair) and Visas (The Pitifully Subservient Personality)
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