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  1. I was sitting in my room and wandering what might have been If Obsidian Ent. created new fight system. Then I was wandering how would this system work. And I will share with you my ideas. This system is very simple - all the attacks Flurry , Power attack etc. animations will depend on your enemy's armor and so If your enemy is wearing light armor your attack (meele waepon) might be strong and brutal (if you with It may also depends on charcaters Strength and/or Dexterity) and when your enemy is wearing heavy armor then attacks may be more precise and aimed in cricital points on the body. And
  2. Where is CYan and virdian. Cyan and blue rulez!
  3. Hey guys there is one problem there aren't any Mira's on this boring world though there are some girls like her - tell me when you meet one. I agree with you it is crime against humanity and all nasty guys who like nasty bounty haunteress. I bet that choice with the church of Mira is the best but I have to make , steal , create Mod with my godness. Oh gash this same again first Bastila now Mira. Ohhhh women! Then all I have i Kotor II must be enough but there is a chance in Kotor III or mod. May the hope be with us guys ! Mira with you all!
  4. I wouldn't tell that it is sucks but it is ...strange and unexepcted due to Chris Avallone who doesn't like happy endings. (He's a storyliner(??))
  5. Yeah, getting jabbed by a stun rod like a cattle prod (or nerf prod maybe) and starved isn't for everyone....... (w00t) <{POST_SNAPBACK}> So there isn't a romace option? Couldn't tell me that earlier?
  6. So the problem is how to romace with MIra? Guys please I dont want to play this game 15 time (joking but you have to admit that you were shocked) She's the hottest chick in Kotor II and only thing what she says to me is that I am too old ? Help !
  7. Hey guys how to romance with Mira - she's telling me that I 'am too old and that kind of stuff ? What to do? Iam light side male!
  8. I maybe have written this before but I really want to know why ther will be ni polish version of Kotor II ? Is there any problem to translate it? I am wondering becouse there is no bigger pleasure than playing wonderful game in your motherlands language! I sure you might explain my the cause of that?
  9. If somebody just anybody knows why Polish developer or who it is - Im talking about LEM (Lipcom Empik Multimedia) wont give us polish Kotor fans and gamers which I can assure that there are many of us Polish version of this beautiful and exciting game - KOTOR II? Why ? Just why? Why do you make us cry?
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